HS Fastpasses With The New Tiers?


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So, has anybody who's booking after 8/29 noticed more FP availability for the new tier one rides, now that you can only pre-book one so-called headliner per day? My window opens in a little over 2 weeks, and i'm particularly hoping I can get FPs for SDD without having to go 64+ days out. We're doing two days at HS, and I want to pre-book SDD on one day, and ToT the other. This will be 63 and 64 days out. Any data yet?


We are going 10/5-11 and SDD was still not available for the earliest days. Fortunately, we weren't trying for it and all the others had plenty of availability. Since it wasn't a priority for us, I can't tell you exactly when the first available was, sorry.


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To update, my FP day was last Monday and I did need to go 64 days out to get anything other than evening times for SDD. Even 64 days out the earliest available time was 2:35 PM. I had my pick of times for ToT at 63 days out. Also had my pick of times for FoP but that was at 65 days out. And at 62 days I was able to get a 1:50 PM return time for 7DMT but that was the earliest available.


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I booked last week for my Oct 31-Nov 4 trip. I was only looking at Nov 4 for SDD (and actually decided HS isn't worth it, so won't even be using it) and the earliest time I was able to get (for 1 person) was around 2:30/3pm.