I find my lack of training disturbing…a Star Wars racecation report.

Monday April 8 Epcot Part 2

We continued around world showcase at a leisurely pace, stopping for slushy adult beverages and sampling the food booths.




Shrimp and grits is always my favorite!


Eventually we made it back to Future world and rode Nemo with a short wait. Spent some time exploring the seas, then made our way over to the Visa character stop for some last hugs from Mickey and Goofy.


Sadly, it was time to leave. The ride back to POFQ was quick. We gathered our bags from bell services and ate some of the snacks we had picked up in World showcase while we waited for the Magical Express. The trip to the airport was uneventful and BFF and I parted ways to go to our respective gates. I got a text that my flight was delayed right AFTER I cleared security, of course :RpS_rolleyes: BFFs flight was delayed too, but it didn’t seem prudent to try to meet up to wait since we’d have to go through security all over again and it was only supposed to be a 40 minute delay…2 more delays later I finally got on my plane. We ended up landing a bit after 1am. It was a loooong day, but I was finally home.
Final Thoughts

This race had a much more laid back atmosphere compared to Princess Half Marathon weekend. The runners just didn't seem as stressed out about getting to the front of corrals. People were generally more polite on course as well. I was a little disappointed that they changed the 10k to eliminate HS from the course. I initially assumed this was because of all of the construction, but then HS was on the half course so not sure if this will end up being a permanent change. Although I missed being able to run through Cinderella's castle during the half, I liked the course so much better compared to PHM. You spend so much more time actually running through the parks instead of on the freeway... and just look at the swag:


Overall, this was a very enjoyable race weekend and I would absolutely do it again...but not next year because I already signed up to run the Disney World Marathon :RpS_thumbsup: Who's joining me? :RpS_love: