I got this!!!! - Trip Report - September 2018


Pre-trip portion of report.....

It will be my 1st solo trip with the kids. read this thread to know why, if you don't already know.... https://www.easywdw.com/forums/showthread.php?39264-I-can-do-this-!-!-!
(obviously, I don't know how to make a hyperlink :RpS_huh:)

We are going in September for a week.
We will be going to our 2nd MNSSHP and we have the before HEA dessert garden view booked.
We will fly down on SW.
We have a few cars booked at the moment....waiting for the best deal....we book through Costco.
We have a rental house booked. It will be our 2nd time staying at this amazing house.
We have 6 day park tickets.
We plan to do 2 days at MK, 2 days at Epcot, 1 day at AK and 1 day at HS & the party at MK (so 3 days at MK)
We plan to go in the morning, home for a break to swim and chill and back in the evening.

I am very excited about our trip & can't wait to tell you all about the fun we had on this trip.
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Yay! So excited for you. Were you able to get the different tickets and dessert party sorted out for 1 fewer?


Yay! So excited for you. Were you able to get the different tickets and dessert party sorted out for 1 fewer?
park tickets were not bought through WDW so I plan to save for later and have the value applied to a ticket for another trip OR I will give the ticket to my friend for her to use on her upcoming trip.

party ticket...I am very hopeful this will be easy to do. I will happily take a GC for the reimbursement. I plan to call about that soon.

dessert party....haven't called yet but I am 100% sure they will refund it because it is more than 5 days out.


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Sounds great! It's always nice to have a trip to look forward to! Planning is a nice escape from all sorts of issues.


I can't wait to read your report. I shared before but my ex-husband did a similar thing to me and planning my vacation with my daughter became my escape from reality and some days was the only thing I felt excited about. I've since taken her 3 more times and we have our 4th trip in December and a Disney Cruise booked for Dec 2019.

I think you will find some different challenges going solo with the kids, but also that in a lot of ways it is more relaxing and enjoyable with one less person to worry about. And in 20 years your kids will looks back and go, oh my gosh mom rocked so hard back in the day when she didn't even miss a beat and still managed to take us on wonderful vacations.


we are about 2 weeks away from the trip. I got this!!!!

Disney refunded the MNSSHP and HEA dessert parties to the credit card.

All FP+ are good and I really haven't tried to move them around.

Our Magic Bands arrived.

I have ordered some new fun wrap around headbands for us for this trip....feel like these are more likely to be worn over and over at home, even when not at WDW...rather than mickey mouse ear headbands.

we are in a memory maker share and looking forward to having family pics of the 4 of us without having to stop random people to have them take them.

have started gathering stuff that we will need there...pins for trading, frogg toggs, squirt bottles, blow up ring floats, ponchos....
it feels good to start packing.


divorce update.

mediation is over. we now have to switch a 401k to my name and have paralegal file for us.
he only wants 2 days with the kids a month.
because we had the mediator, he was quick to understand the amount of money I was owed for me as spouse and for kids for child support.
without this help, he would have low-balled me and to avoid the drama...I probably would have agreed.
mediation was great for us and very cheap compared to us both getting lawyers.
I can't wait for the documents to be signed and be done. hoping it will happen soon....waiting on him to do his end of the paperwork...he loves to take 2-3 weeks for something that should take 15 minutes.


I may check in every night to debrief and tell you what we did that day. Think it will help me wind down each night.

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That's great news.
Mediation doesn't always work (speaking of legal matters generally, including but not limited to divorce).

But for the right dispute, with parties who are prepared to be reasonable, even if not being reasonable to date, a good mediator can work wonders. Sounds like you had the right mix.


So glad mediation went well.

I will gladly follow along with as many updates as you want to give. I'm 39 days out and will happily live vicariously through trip reports until then!


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I’m glad things worked out well in mediation(and getting your refunds). I hope your success continues.

Have a great trip! Hope you report back and have a wonderful time.


unsure of the release date for the dumbo anniversa
Glad mediation went well. Looking forward to reading about your trip!


Sounds like you are in your way to a great trip.

without this help, he would have low-balled me and to avoid the drama...I probably would have agreed.
And always remember - “you’ve got this!!!!!”

Looking forward to your trip report!


Day 1

Today was the day.....we flew to FL today.
We were B23+ for SW boarding. I was a tad nervous that we wouldn't be able to sit how we wanted to....3 kids together and me across the way from them.
We were through all lines and at the gate 20 mins before the boarding started.
I had the nerves taking over me, so I popped my xanax.
When we got on the plane, we sat in row 21. 3 kids together on the right side and me on the aisle on the left.
the flight felt like it lasted 20 mins and it was stress-free.
we landed 20 mins early....yahoo!
got the RAV4 from Alamo with 0 wait.
drove to the home we rented.
mazon prime now delivery was great
we swam, went in the hot tUb and chilled for the night.

Day 1 was perfect.

Day 2 is