I just gave up my Slinky FP for Thanksgiving week - Tell me its going to be alright


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We had a hard time planning this week. Tuesday is our designated HS day. The only FP I could get for Slinky was 7:30 PM.

I just noticed that there are now 7AM EMH for HS every day that week.

So my new plan for HS

1. On Sunday 11/24 after MK morning and Cali Grill brunch at 12:30, park hop over to HS and ride Smugglers run standby.

2. On Tuesday show up for 7AM EMH and ride slinky first.
I swapped my 7:30 PM Slinky for a 2:30 PM RnR. Ideally we would get to ride RnR 2x that day but one with the FP would be OK. With Smugglers run out of the way we would start at Toy Story for EMH, and then head over to Sunset.

Think this is a sound enough plan?

Sounds like a solid plan. It is going to be alright :D

And after you do your 3rd/last FP at MK, you can start looking for HS FPs.
Being there for Smugglers, any good FPs you find to do then in HS will give you a head start for Tues HS making that day easier.