I Lost My Link

Josh I bought the book and you sent me the link. But, I lost it because my emails delete themselves after about a week. Any way you can send me another link for the crowd calendar updates.
Hey, I'm not Josh. But here's what we say in the book nowadays about crowd calendars (p114):

"We used to offer daily advice about six-and-a-half months ahead,but Disney has so limited the information it publishes that far in advance hat we can no longer be precise in this advice. For imprecise guidance for your dates, leave a comment on any page of Dave’s yourfirstvisit.net, or create a thread in Josh’s forums at easywdw.com/forums/forum.php."

To make sure you get other updates to the book (we have not done one yet), send me an email at easyguidewdw@gmail.com and I'll make sure you are on the list!!