I planned too well


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We just got back and something happened that I never thought was possible. Thanks to everyone here, I planned too well!
When we checked in at the hotel, there was an issue (minor if you ask me). But, the hotel manager felt bad and as a result gave us each 3, any time, any ride FP+ for our first day (EPCOT).
My plan was so detailed, and had us doing everything we wanted, that we could barely use those 3! We only used one of them to do an end of day ride on Frozen.

I remember the old days with paper FP and we would also have extra ones of those. It always felt great to walk up to a family about to get an hour+ line for TT and just give them a FP so they could go right on. Those days are gone so we could not give these unused ones to other people.
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Just a tip if this ever happens again. I mentioned that I also didn't think we would be able to use the 3 extra FP+ because of how the day would be scheduled. They said, "No problem. If you don't use them all, just come down to the Concergie desk and they will move the unused ones to the next day."

Sure enough, that first day we ended up only using 1 of the three extra FP+. So I go down to the Concierge desk and explain the situation. "No problem. Let me move those over for you."

When I wake up the next day, the app shows that we have 3 extra FP+, not the two it should have been. That day we only use one again. I go back to the concierge desk that night and explain the situation. Including the fact that we ended up with three when we should only have had two. Next day, we have three full FP+ again. This time we used two of them but not the third.

At this point I could have just walked away because we got to use what we were originally given. However curiosity got the best of me and I wanted to see how far this would go. At the concierge desk that night I simply say that we had 1 FP+ that we couldn't fit into our plan for the day.

The next day we had 3 anytime FP+. This went on for about 5 days I think.


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That’s happened to us! We’ve been given extra fast passes and simply had no use for them because we’d already planned for what we wanted to do!


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I find it interesting that I am not the only one this has happened to. We did everything we wanted (multiple times) and we barely waited. Longest waits were FOP and TT.
Failure to plan is a plan for failure. We were there a week and took a break from the heat every single day. Every day we swam. Every day we took a nap. And we did everything we wanted and then some. I never understood people who spend thousands of dollars for their trip and don't plan. They stand around trying to figure out what to do and where to go next.

It was great to get those extra FP+ and a validation that I did things right when we couldn't even figure out how to use them.


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This happened to us, too, during a busy Thanksgiving trip no less! We were (3 of us) each given 3 extra FP+ for each day of a 6 day trip. With rope drop and lucky/smart scheduling of our regular FP+, we ended up leaving several of the extra FP+ on the table. We kept saving them (as in we'd head to Haunted Mansion thinking we'd use an extra FP+, see the wait time at 13 minutes and decide to save the FP+, end up walking on the ride. This just went on and on.) It kind of killed us to leave them unused, but you hit a point each day where you've just done it all and the thought of riding BTMRR 4 times in a row doesn't sound fun any more. It was a great trip, though!