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That location has changed the restaurant several times in the last 20 or so years. Lost track of it. Good to know. I would say "oh I'll check it out again" but I have sooooooo many other places on my "need to get to" list.


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Frustrated with the parent-school groups that only communicate through Facebook. We quit our Girl Scout troop a few years ago because they only communicated through Facebook, despite the fact that I made it clear that I wasn't on it. And there were only like 10 girls so it's not like it would have been a BIG deal to send out an email or group text.

I conceded this last year for HS marching band because our daughter is one of almost 300 kids. I've been wondering why the Boosters never communicated any of the meetings or events and I think I've finally realized (now, at the end of the year) that they do communicate through Messenger. Which I just figured out is a completely separate app from Facebook. I'm just annoyed. Really annoyed. I know I should 'get with the times' but I really can't be the only one. I hate it so much. It also just feels lazy. I may not have a better solution but communicating that it was necessary would have been nice.


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You're not wrong. E-mail is (or at least should be) the universal means of communication now, with cross posts to FB or whatever other social media/messaging platform. To only use FB is ridiculous. There are numerous valid reasons to avoid FB and other forms of social media. If it's like every other band-booster group I've been in, they have had trouble at one time or another getting volunteers and/or donations for some project or another. With that in mind, cutting off even a portion of your audience is not smart.


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I left FB years ago, do not miss it, and would not use it. However, I also recognize that it is easier than managing an email list, etc. so I'd be inclined to volunteer to manage communications via email for a group that thought they needed FB.


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I completely understand the FB frustration! No one in our house has ever had a FB account, nor do we want one. I have experienced the same thing with people/groups who use it exclusively. There are also some local businesses around here that use it exclusively, as well.
Not interested.


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Frustrated with the parent-school groups that only communicate through Facebook.
Ditto. I have never had a Facebook account and very proud of that fact. My son just missed the celebratory party for his robotics team making it to Worlds yesterday because the coach announced it on the Facebook group and forgot to put it on the Remind app.