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"Inmates", Christine? I thought we were free to come and go as we pleased.....I knew something smelled eeeeeevil about this site...

Welcome to easywdw, frogglegs! Lots of us former TGM'ers here, so you are in good company.



does anybody know how to change this?
Oh, I can vouch for the fact that this is more like the Hotel California than the Grand Californian. You know, you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave... bwahahahaha!!!


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Newbie post alert: :RpS_smile:
It does make me very sad that it is gone. I told my hubby that it felt like a little piece of our trip was missing this time as I planned out our parks in preparation for making our ADR's. It really had became a part of our Disney experience and it was always exciting to log back on and see what everyone was talking about on the forums.

I'm looking for a new place to call home and I have been told that easywdw is the place I should go, so I am here. Even when I was using TGM, I used the least crowded park info from both easywdw and so I am somewhat familiar with the site. I think all of the planning sites offer great information and I am an information junkie. :RpS_wub: I am glad to see some people from TGM that I recognize here.
Hi Frogleggs,

I feel the same way. I just started to plan my June trip a couple of weeks ago and I logged onto TGM and was shocked! I felt like something was going to be missing from my planning but I have to tell you it's not. I would come here and look at the least crowded park charts too in the past; but I've been posting for a couple of days now and I already feel at home and it helps to see familiar people... especially Christine :RpS_wink: I always needed her to review my plan before I felt good about it LOL.



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Missing TGM and enjoying EasyWDW

Newbie post alert: :RpS_smile:

I just wanted to say how much I loved TGM. We found the site for our very first WDW trip back in 07 and have used it for every trip since then, including our trip last year. I guess I was totally in the dark because I didn't even realize TGM was shutting down until I booked our trip this year and tried to log on (unsuccessfully). TGM was an amazing place for me because of all the information (outdated or not) that I was able to access. I loved how the least crowded park dates had their information written out long hand instead of just a number or this park is red, this one is green. It seemed in my weird little mind to make me feel more comfortable with the info that was posted. As a newbie, I could understand the "reasoning" WHY the park was green/yellow/orange/red which has really helped me as I scheduled our daily parks and ADR's. The format was easy for me to copy and paste the information into my spreadsheet.


Not a regular poster so probably a longer post that I have the right to submit.

I have used both sites, TGM and EasyWDW, but started with TGM and was initially referred over here by a poster on a discussion forum. I like both sites and never really felt like there was a competition between them so my feelings for both are the same, I like and appreciate all the helpful and thoughtful advice. Before using any research for our trips to Disney World I had the regular awful vacation experiences that most folks experience with the Magic Kingdom. Until one day, a random person sitting next to me on a bus recommended TGM for planning. We used it for our next trip and boy was it a different vacation! At TGM I really enjoyed Mike's articles and the explanations of little things to look for in the rides, background stories on shows and attractions, little shortcuts in the park and just odds and ends that made our trip a little easier and a little more enjoyable. After a few Disney World trips, while planning our next trip I had a similar experience that many of you here had with TGM not being updated (it was for a trip the January after new Fantasyland opened and the site having essentially no information on how the rides affected lines and also no info on the how "old" new FastPass rules had changed things) and I was unhappy with the experience. I wasn't angry because it was only $20 and I still got a lot of valuable information from TGM. That was the first time I started using EasyWDW more heavily for my planning and research

While I like TGM, I also like EasyWDW and really enjoy all the awesome advice that the members post here. Everyone is helpful and funny and even though I'm not a regular poster I really enjoy the community. The site is VERY helpful and like many others here I wouldn't mind paying a fee for the information (after all, it ends up being a vacation costing a few thousand dollars so who could complain for spending a few dollars for awesome planning?!)

So when we decided to plan an April, 2014 trip without a lot of notice, I needed a quick print off of information I could bring with me to review while on the trip and Iwent to TGM to basically download and print everything I needed. It was important to us because the kids are getting a little older and wanted to go to Epcot. I have never been to Epcot and had no idea what to do! So I went to TGM to download his entire Epcot file, all his "articles", details of rides, little shortcuts, etc. and it was ALL GONE! I felt like a friend had died and quite frankly when I went to Epcot a few weeks ago I never felt like I was in the "zone". I was always a step behind and never really automatically knowing what to next. For me, both Forums and Sites worked in a Symbiosis, TGM for the basic outline of our trip and EasyWDW for the customization for us as a specific family.

I know that all the information is here, and now the TGM is gone I will get to know EasyWDW a LOT better but I will miss TGM. It did teach me how to enjoy the Happiest Place on Earth and I have to credit TGM with my introduction to EasyWDW. Anyhow, it's a forum and that's how I feel.

BTW, lots of big things happening at Disney that will make vacations a lot easier on people. If you look around at the construction OUTSIDE of the parks they are doing lots of things to make it easier on families that stay at the resorts.
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I know this thread's a bit old but I stumbled across it yesterday and I have to say THANK YOU ALL! I have had a horrific stomach bug these past two days and this thread along with the rabbit trail of links to other threads has kept me very entertained while I've been laying around feeling miserable.