Indian creek and Windsor hills


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Due to my 19 year old daughter wanting to bring her boyfriend on vacation and our youngest being 13, I'm considering a stay off property. It seems that Indian creek is a little less expensive. What are the differences? Are they close to each other? Any thoughts of suggestions would be appreciated!


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I don't know anything about Indian Creek, but we stayed at Windsor Hills for the first time last year and will be returning later this year. We stayed in a 3 bedroom condo and it was beautiful! We loved having all the space to stretch out, as well as a full kitchen and our own washer and dryer right in the condo. Windsor Hills is a gated community with guards on duty 24/7. It has a gorgeous pool, club house, tennis courts, volleyball, basketball, children's playgrounds, poolside activities for the kids, etc. We saved a ton a money compared to staying on site, not only the cost of accommodation, but meals off site are far less expensive and Windsor Hills is close to many great restaurants. We loved our on-site vacations, but we also loved our Windsor Hills vacation just as much. :RpS_thumbup:


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Forgot to mention that Windsor Hills is the closest to WDW, it's like five minutes and you're at the main gate. We had no problem taking a break in the afternoon and heading back later. Depending on what resort you stay at, you could actually be closer to some of the parks than you would be staying on site. Animal Kingdom is the closest to WH but they're all an easy drive.

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Indian creek is farther away. We've always stayed at WH, and have gotten deals that were so good I didn't feel like we needed to look elsewhere


Indian Creek is an additional 2 mins away from 3 parks at WDW. (it is closer to AK than WH is) We have stayed at both. We prefer Indian Creek because we could get a 4 bedroom HOME with our OWN big pool/hot tub/game room/etc for the cost of getting a 3 bedroom TOWNhome in WH with the tiny pool. We NEVER used the community features of the increased price for all of those things didn't benefit our family. If you are worried about security....Indian Creek was very safe and our home had an alarm system. If you want a family sized pool and hot tub directly behind your house, I say go for Indian Creek. If you need the resort feel of a rented home, go with Windsor Hills.


I have stayed at WH a number of times and enjoyed the location and space. In determining what unit you select to rent, you may want to consider whether you have to go off property to obtain the key for access to the property. It never occurred to me that I wouldn't have the info to access the lock box in my rental information until I was standing outside of the townhome at midnight on my arrival day with two tired kids. What a hassle. I'll make sure and ascertain that info next time.


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We have stayed at WH multiple times and one time at Windsor Palms (next to Indian Creek). Far prefer WH and we have somehow never got around to using the amenities (like pool). I like that WH is closer. I like that it is a gated community that is actually gated and monitored. I like that it is well kept (I wouldn't want to live somewhere monitored so well by a homeowners type group but it makes it nice to stay there.

Absolutely agree...make sure you will get the check in code before hand and can go straight to your home. Our first time renting off site we had to go to the management company first. Never again!


I love the WH townhomes - my kids love the splash pool and I love that the TH's are right near the entrance. Once we stayed in a large WH home with another family and had to wind way back into the back of the neighborhood to get to it. With all the stop signs and speed bumps I bet it added at least 5 minutes each way.