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Hi! I'm Barberella from the West Coast of Canada. Like most out here, I visited Disneyland first - starting when my son was in kindergarten and then we ventured further afield - to WDW when my son was 11. Sonny is now 30, but it's funny how as he's gotten older, I've gotten younger (I never was any good at math) . ;) :D


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Hi! I'm Lisa. I grew up in Florida and spent my formative years (and beyond) going to WDW. My first trip was in 1972, less than a year after the MK opened. Unfortunately I don't live in Florida anymore, but I get back as often as I can. :RpS_smile:
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Howdy, I'm Craig. I am an early retirement stay at home dad/house husband and loving every minute of it. Been to WDW more times than I can count. Currently helping Josh serving as easyWDW Chief Photography Dude and Forum Moderator. Those feeble attempts at photography articles you see pop up every now and then are my creations.


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Hey! I'm Tonia. I'm from Canada too! Just found easyWDW about a week ago and have been reading a lot. I've been to WDW once (2009) and was so unprepared for the size of the parks! We are planning a trip for 2012 (January) and I'm already in planning mode.


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Hello!! I'm Shawn from central Illinois. I've been going to WDW since 1981...I can remember seeing the skeleton of Spaceship Earth as it was being built. I have a wife and a 9 year old son, and we make an annual pilgrimage to see the almighty Mickey. In the past, it has been in the fall/winter, but our son will be entering 4th grade next year, and I don't think the school is going to let us take him out for a week and a half at a time anymore, so it looks like our next trip will be June, 2012. We usually stay at POP Century, but plan to buy in to DVC in the next 5 years or so. I am anxious to see how we all can provide some great info to make everyone's trip to the World just a little bit more magical!!!


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Hi, I am obsessed with WDW...I can't even count the number of times I've been. I love reading and talking about Disney on a daily basis. My last trip to the world was Sept 2010, I celebrated my 11th anniversary. I'm now trying to plan my next trip and I'm trying to pick between two dates, June or Sept. Looking forward to getting to know you guys.


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Hi, we're a family of 4 from Nova Scotia, Canada ... and we're departing for our first-ever trip to WDW on Feb 11th (this Friday!) We've been checking out EasyWDW for the past few months and have found the info extremely helpful. We'll be staying at Port Orleans Riverside. If anyone has any good last-minute hints for first-timers regarding the Port Orleans Riverside or WDW in general, we'd like to hear them! Thanks.


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You will love Riverside. We've stayed there many times and it's one of our favorites. Riverside has some of the most beautiful resort grounds on Disney property. One of the biggest advantages to staying at Riverside is the boat service to and from Downtown Disney. It's a very peaceful 30 minute ride. Also, you get to share the ammenities of French Quarter as well. The two resorts are connected by a very pretty and short river walk.


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Thanks Craig! I've heard other good things about Riverside but it's always nice to hear it directly from someone. Looking forward to the boat ride to Downtown Disney as well!


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Hello everyone. I am Todd. My family is full of Disney fans. We love the Wilderness Lodge and are planning our return home for later this Sept. Glad to be on a new board and a new resource to talk about the Mouse.


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Hi, I'm the Dad in a family of four Disney maniacs. We moved to the west of Florida last year, not coincidentally an hour and a half drive from the parks. Work-permitting we try to go every Sunday, and sneak in a 2 day trip every once in a while. My wife spent early childhood in south Florida and has some fond childhood trip memories. My first trip was our Honeymoon, and both daughters have been going since they were babies (now 5 and 3). We dine frequently on property and try to stay in the resort hotels as often as we can. Have been thoroughly enjoying easyWDW for the last month and find it more accurate, more detailed and easier to navigate than touringplans; though I usually use only the crowd calendar feature. Keep up the great work!


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HI I'm Chris from the great state (country) of Texas. My family of 5 try to go every other year. Our favorite park is Hollywood Studios and this October going to be staying on property for the first time.


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Welcome Chris. Once you stay on Property nothing else will compare. We tried it "once" (shudders) Won't do that again.


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:) Hi- I'm Judy. Upstate NY. Like all of you... I spend more time in the World than most of the general population. I actually recognize some folks here from another forum I've been moderating -- hey there Todd! We actually head out again in a little over a week. DD16 birthday present. Lucky girl was born around Pres. Week, so she's celebrated more than her share of Bdays in the World.
And... although we've stayed on property in all resort levels-- we prefer off property and a car. I require a private hot tub and like everyone to have their own bathroom! But-- to each his own. On property is great sometimes, too!
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I'm Rebecca...Hubby and our three kids (14, 5, & 1) live in Atlanta. I'm currently planning a surprise trip to WDW for the family. I've been a few times, and my 14yr old has been once, but this will be the first time for my husband and the younger ones. My daughter will be turning 6 this spring and we plan to wake the kids up early the morning before her b-day, just minutes before we pile in the car, and surprise them all. I'm SOOO excited. My daughter has dreamed of going to WDW one day and we've always had to tell her it just wasn't possible anytime soon... any time she's on a hill or overpass she tries and tries to see if she can see all the way there. Did I mention how excited I am?!
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I'm Jill - I think I recognize a few others from another site too...DH and I have three kids and we are looking forward to our second family trip to WDW in May. 10 days at Coronado Springs. We visited Caribbean Beach last year for a week and plan to make our rounds in the moderates before venturing to the villas as our family grows. This will be our last trip where we are considered 4 (the baby is 2), so next time will be POR Riverside, and then who knows! We can't wait for our trip and planning is half the fun for me!