Is Black Friday at MK with Morning Extra Magic Hours the worst idea ever?


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We will be there Thanksgiving week. I had our second MK day set for Thursday and AK day on Friday but my silly husband and kid really want to go to CRT that week and it is crazy booked up. A noon ADR just opened up for Friday and I grabbed it.

Any reason that should be much worse than going to MK on Thurs/Thanksgiving keeping in mind it will be our second day there? We would likely finish up lunch, do some last chance shopping and then head out.

I don't really see any reason Thurs would be worse than Friday for AK except that I'll probably want to book my FOP fastpass first as soon as booking opens.

We were there Thanksgiving week the year before last and it went fine but I'm all second guessing everything due to Star Wars being open.


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We’ve been to WDW several times for Thanksgiving week (our kids get the whole week off). Conventional wisdom has been to avoid MK on major holidays, and AK is typically the least popular on major holidays. So we’ve always done AK on Thanksgiving Day and we have done MK the day after with no issues. I think MK will have EMH everyday during this time, so an EMH should have no impact on your day.


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Thank you, I am going to keep it that way. My daughters school is also off the whole week of thanksgiving and my husband works for the school district so we have gone that week before and will in the future I'm sure. It really was not bad at all last time but the Star Wars stuff this year has me thrown off a bit.

Now I've gone and booked Tusker House early lunch and then a Tiffins dinner for Thanksgiving =)