Is there a Downton Abbey thread?


I'm glad Bates figured it out. I think it might be Mrs. Hughes who does something about it though; she's getting feisty. I can see her and Bates forming some sort of plan to take care of him.

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Thanks for the reminder that I haven't watched Sunday's episode. How can this have happened? Oh, Olympics. That's all that's been on the TV this week. Plus, I'm trying to be more productive and not watch as much TV. Bah to that. Maybe on snow day Thursday I'll settle in with some Downton.

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Everyone is curious about Bates and Gregson and only two episodes left (or one and the CS).

I saw something about the CS and was reminded that it's an episode where knowing about a historical figure can help. For this episode it's Edward VIII. He is still the Price of Wales at the time of the episode, but it's good to know who he was and his reputation.

There was a similar situation earlier in the season with people talking about Lloyd George.


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I just noticed my DVR has 5 or 6 episodes recently recorded- I guess that was repeats of last season?
I could not stand that Mr Selfridge- thought he was a real jerk- but did like the show overall.

When is Call the Midwife going to be on? After Selfridges?

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Call the Midwife season 3 premiere's this Sunday as well. On WETA they're putting Call the Midwife on at 8 and Mr. Selfridge at 9. Yes, they've been rerunning the last season of Downton.


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Ugg, I forgot to set my dvr for Call the Midwife so now I have to wait until they reair it at 4 am on Thurs.

I like Mr Selfrdge too. I love peeking into the time periods for these shows especially.


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Liz, our local PBS station streams them for free, you might check to see if they're available on your local site so you don't have to wait to watch.

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This thread wasn't used last year, but with this being the last season, I thought it was worth reminding people of it. Also, because there are new people on the site who are unaware of the thread.