Itinerary check for FP selections this Friday, the 13th

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Hey guys!!
We are traveling 11/12-11/19~ I think I am pretty good with the plans we have~ but with the new Star Wars area I want to be sure there are no glaring faults with this plan..we do FP selection this Friday, 9/13. And there are a few things I can switch if I have to~ And Animal Kingdom doesn't HAVE to be in there if it complicates my days too much!

Tuesday 11/12~ fly into MCO 12:45, head to WL and check-in, drop carry-ons. Boat/bus over to MK for the short time we can due to Christmas party.... have ressies at The Plaza so we will just try to work in rides that we can and not stress too much today. (Keep this day easy because we live far enough away from the airport we have to leave 4 hours before our flight and it is always a ton of traffic!!)

Wed. 11/13~ Plan A: AK in the morning w FP for FoP, KS, and EE... as long as we can get FoP FP we can stand in line for the others if we need to~ dinner is at EPCOT so we have a little time to wait in lines. Also, we may hop to MK for the fireworks.
PLAN B is to do Hollywood here for as long as we need until we leave for EPCOT dinner if we can't get the FP for AK that we want...

Th. 11/14~ Magic Kingdom all day~ early park close for party~ head to EPCOT for dinner.

Fri 11/15~ If we didn't get AK on Wed, we can switch it to here~ other wise , this is the Hollywood day.

Sat 11/16~ Keys to the Kingdom tour at 9:30 probably go back to the room and rest after this tour until dinner at EPCOT

Sun 11/17~ Sleep in!! Head to MK with FP starting right before lunch, do CS for lunch, Be Our Guest for dinner and maybe do Christmas Party tonight

Mon 11/18~ Epcot day

Tues~ 11/19 Departure day~ take luggage to airport kiosk go back to MK for final day...ME should pickup at 4pm so we will hang out here as long as we can!

Thanks in Advance for suggestions!


In order to help you narrow down what you should aim for tomorrow morning...

I can already select FastPasses, so I can tell you that on 11/13, FOP is sold out (I checked for one person). There are definitely morning times for Na'vi River Journey though. So you could rope drop FOP and throw some elbows :)

11/15, The earliest available today is after 5pm for FOP.

I'd head into tomorrow with an 11/13 HS plan and a 11/15 AK plan. Get your AK FastPass immediately when you log on. Then move onto other days.

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Thanks!! I was kind of thinking that was the way that was going to play out! LOL!!
We have no problem moving AK around or taking it out if we have to if I can shift the other days/meals that we have.
Thanks for the input~ enjoy your trip too!!!