Jan 27-Feb 2 limited value availability


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Our next trip is Jan 27- Feb 2. Right now have ressies at All Stars Music. We've stayed there before (last time was a suite, this time standard), but the renovated rooms at some of the other values is attractive...but I'm seeing limited availability. Is there something going on during that timeframe?

For longer trips that include weekends, it is harder and harder to book a room the closer you get to the check in date. I played with your dates, and found rooms at Movies from 1/27 to 1/30 and 1/30 to 2/2, but not for the whole period. Nothing at Pop. Movies is half refurbed, and likely another building or two will be closed for refurb during your visit, so booking two consecutive stays at Movies would give you a chance at a refurbed room


I’m helping friends book a long weekend Feb 7-10 and having same issue! I’ve found value and mod for any other times in Feb, just not THAT weekend. SO weird!