Jan. 5-8, 2020 2 park days only, MK & HS. Which day best for which?


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We'll be doing only MK & HS Jan. 5-8. We do rope drop but since we're senior citizens we don't want to do back to back days of rope drop. So -- my thoughts are MK on Jan 5 or 6
and then HS on Jan 7 or 8.
Mainly I'm wondering about Jan. 5 & 6 for MK. I know conventional wisdom is not to do MK on Monday but I'm wondering if 1/5 Sunday will still have the New Year's crowds. I've looked at a number of different crowd calendars & for 1/5 they range from 5/10 to 9/10.

Does anyone have any insight on choosing which day for which? TIA


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I wouldn't worry about it. Pick the day that works best for your plans. The difference in crowds and wait times based on day of the week are pretty minimal. Unless it is party season, then MK has considerably shorter waits in the morning on party days (but FP selection is harder because of the shortened hours).

My anecdotal experience is that Sunday after a holiday or busy week isn't very crowded. Most people have left or are focused on travel that day.