Jedi Training Academy with non English Speaking kids


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We are planning a trip to WDW in January 2015. This time we will bring our kids two cousins (and the parents) and the two boys (and the dad!) are Star Wars maniacs. If I get the kids to the Jedi Training Academy, I would be aunt of year, so of course I am aiming for that :)

The challenge is that the kids only speak Danish. I have read on Disney’s Moms panel that non-English-speaking kids will be fine on the Jedi Training Academy. However, I have also read that Disney asks the child a couple of questions before signing them up. So does anyone know if it will be okay if I translate the questions, or if Disney only will sign up English-speaking kids?

I know this might not be an easy question to answer in an English-speaking forum :RpS_tongue:

Thank you


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I don't think Danish is a language you'll find a lot of people speaking in Florida so I would think they would let you translate and let them participate....but hopefully others will chime in :)


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I'm sure if you translate, it'll be fine. I'm guessing since they've seen star wars before they'll get what is going on.

Now if they didn't speak the language and had never seen the movies, that would be a different story!!


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They typically ask something like (1) how old are you? (2) can you listen to and follow instructions? and (3) are you afraid of the dark side? They may be able to work with the kids before hand, in Danish, and prep the kids for the sign-up process. That is unless this is going to be a surprise.
I've seen a very young child who didn't speak English participate, and he had a hard time following. He was about 4, though, and may have actually been younger (even though I realize you're supposed to be 4 to participate). The person conducting the show ended up making several jokes about him, so if the English speakers in your group are sensitive, it would be best to skip it. I really think an older child who'd been told to watch and see what is going on would be perfectly able to follow. Everyone does the exact same thing, so an older child would just need a last minute reminder to watch the other children.


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If you think they could follow along enough without understanding the language I *think* they would be fine. I definitely would show them videos on youtube so that when the leader gives them instructions they may not understand the words he's saying but will have a base knowledge of what he means for them to do before going into it.


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Thank you for all your answers

I was thinking it should be a surprise, but I think you a right, that they should be prepared in advance. They are 7 and 5, and I think if we practice in advance they will be fine. Or at least I hope so. Perhaps it’s a good thing they don’t speak English cause they will properly just answer yes if they are asked if they will join the dark side :RpS_smile:


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The reason they are asked questions is because the Jedi Master does 'teach' them during the show. He speaks to the group while they are on stage and tells them what to do. So-- it isn't just answering the questions at sign up. It is being able to participate in the actual class on stage. I'd consider how comfortable the kids will be not understanding while they are on stage.
I'm sure this isn't Disney's first rodeo with non-English speakers wanting to participate. So, IF they are allowed, Disney probably has a process set up.
My guess is they are allowed, and they are expected to follow by example. Parents are right by the stage so shouting instruction is pretty easy.