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Ate at Jiko last night. Very convenient as we're staying at AKL; we picked the kids up in just 2 hours at the Simba club.

We had the fish soup, tomato salad, and three naan appetizer. I really think we could have just eaten appetizers all night. The fish soup was amazing; the lobster was plentiful and tender, the broth (which was poured into the bowl at table) was slightly sour but had depth of flavor that was excellent. The naan was served like little sandwiches, with the chicken, duck, and beef tucked inside and sauces on the side. Rich and yummy. The tomato salad had a nice mix of tomato, peaches, arugula, with a square of cheese, but was seriously lacking of the sauce.

Dh had the duck, I had the short rib. Both were nicely presented, but the duck was as tender as I hoped. The short rib was nice.

For dessert, we had the pressed coffee (yum! Want this on the room service menu!!) and the cake with stone fruits. For $11, it had a tiny piece of cake, 2 cherries, half a peach, and a mini scoop of ice cream. Again no sauce. What is it with sauces here people? Was the saucier on vacation? The flavors were nice but a sauce would have brought everything together. And I wasn't expecting a volcano, but this was like 4 bites of food for each of us. And I'm not a quick eater. Anyway, the coffee was good.

I also had a glass of wine, so total bill was $160 + tip. Not bad, considering our kids club stay was just $40 for the two hours, so the evening was slightly over $230.

Overall I liked Jiko but would be disappointed if I dragged dh from another resort. The service was nice, but the bar provided little information on the wine list. The presentation was simple, in line with what I expected. The addition of sauces to the menu items where they were not provided would put this into the very good category.


Was the 3 Naan appetizer the one called "Taste of Africa"? If so, I love the Naan bread at Sanaa, but since I'm staying at Jambo house next trip, I was thinking of just going downstairs and getting the Taste of Africa instead. Do you think one person (I'll be solo) might be able to make a meal out of the appetizer alone?


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If you did the appetizer you could make a light meal of it. Yes I think that was the name of it. If you're a bigger eater you might want to pair it with a second appetizer or salad.