Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen Review


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Taking a break from my TR to come post this review over here. As I mentioned in the TR, this was one of the best if not the best meals we have had at WDW. Everything from the atmosphere to the waitress to the food was fantastic. It had been my suggestion to grab an ADR here for our first day in the parks, and boy am I glad that I did.

We showed up for our 2pm ADR at 1:45 and checked in early. There were several other parties sitting in the waiting area. We didn't get seated right away, but it didn't take long (just enough time for my mom to find and use the bathroom if I remember correctly). The hostess was polite and friendly and chatted with me the whole way to our table. We were seated in what they called the Jungle Room (I think) right next to the Great Wall of China (which the hostess pointed out and said "I thought it would be bigger..." :RpS_flapper: - the first of many corny jokes to be made, but the only one I really remember).

Our waitress came over quickly for our drink orders. We knew right away that we were going to like her. She was very personable and spent some time talking to us about the restaurant and the menu. My dad was in the restaurant business for 30+ years, and he likes to prod wait staff a bit to see how much of his teasing they can take. She had witty comebacks for everything he threw at her. Over the course of the meal we learned about all of the restaurants she had worked at. I forget where she started, but she had been there for the opening of BoG and Skipper (might have been one more, I forget though) and had been asked to do Tiffins as well, but she declined since she had just started at Skipper. After this we weren't surprised at the level of service we were getting from her - having managed for a chain restaurant, my dad understood very well that you sent your best wait staff to open up new locations. Clearly she was one of the best on property (we gave her a positive review at Guest Relations on the way out, we were that impressed).

We ordered our drinks - Blue Moons for my dad and I and I think a sangria for my mom - and let our waitress talk us into an appetizer. We had the Orinoco Ida's Cachapas. Definitely not something any of us would have normally ordered, but she recommended it so strongly that we decided to try it (props for the up sell!). It is made of up lots of things that I don't normally like that much - "House-made Corn Pancakes, Mojo-braised Pork, Black Bean Salad, and Avocado Cream". Not a big fan of corn tortillas, black beans, or avocados. But man were these good! It came with 4 pancakes, so we each got a whole one and then my mom and I split the last one since my dad's first one had more of the toppings on it.

It wasn't until we were halfway through the appetizer that I decided I was probably going to write a review, so the picture is of a mostly eaten plate.

For my main course, I had "Tastes Like Chicken" - Because it is!, which I loved just from the name. The description is "Crispy-fried Chicken with Citrus and Ginger-scented Rice, Chili Glaze, and Seasonal Vegetables." Man was it good! The chili glaze had just the right amount of spice, and the citrus ginger rice was fantastic. When it first came out, I thought it was going to be lots of bones based on the shape, but turned out there was only one bone in there. Lots of food, and all delicious!

My mom had the sustainable fish, which I believe was Golden Tile Fish. "Not Piranha," served over Chinese Broccoli, Carrots, Shiitake Mushrooms, and Red Bell Peppers in a fragrant Lemon Grass Broth. Her only complaint was that she thought there should have been some sort of starch. Didn't need a ton, but just a little something more to complete the dish. I think that was our only legit complaint for the whole meal. Dad had Nile Nellie's Noodle Bowl with Chicken - Niles and Niles of Rice Noodles...Fragrant Broth served with Mushrooms, Jalapenos, and fresh Herbs. He loved it. Only problem was that the Jalapenos were red, so he at one without realizing it.

Our waitress talked us into (didn't take much) getting a dessert as well. We had the Kungaloosh!, which she explained to us had roots in a place in the old Paradise Island. It was apparently some very popular drink. Anyway, the desert was "an African-inspried Chocolate Cake with Caramelized Bananas and Cashew-Caramel Ice Cream topped with Coffee Dust. Man. So good! And just the right amount of dessert.

Overall it was just a great experience - great atmosphere, great service, great food. Definitely worth a visit!


I have an ADR there in January as well. I'm even more excited for it now, after your review! Thanks!