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Well we have just returned from our first stay at BLT. We also own at BLT so it was our first "trip home". We have not stayed in any of the other FL DVCs, we stayed at the VGC last year. So I really don't have a lot to compare it to. Although we have stayed in all the other deluxe hotels, except the GF so I guess we would have experience with the resorts. I think I have read as much negative info on BLT as I have good, maybe a bit more negative actually. I have read about the wear and tear of the rooms/furniture. Issues with the showers and locks (which have since been fixed). The distance it is to the CR and so on. So I am not sure if that prepared me for the worst while I hoped for the best, but honestly we loved it! We weren't one of those lucky families that got a "partial" MK view with their lakeview room. We were on the 14th floor and had a view of the marina side with Spaceship Earth in the distance. It was a lovely view and we enjoyed it very much. The furniture did have some scratches and one lower cabinet did have some odd "stains" on it for lack of a better word. Not sure what it was. Other than that the room was in very good conditition and we do not have any complaints. Maybe we were just lucky, I don't know? I know for many the decor is an issue, it is very condo like and definately not a style I would have at home, but niether are most of the hotels we stay in. In general we liked the style of BLT for a vacation stay. The artwork through out the building is wonderful and I thought it was well done. The room was very spacious and the 2nd bathroom in the one bedroom can't be beat. Walking to the MK is treat unto itself and we really liked that. We always rent a car and don't rely on the bus service so I can't comment on that. We loved the Contempo Cafe for a few quick treats on our return from the parks at night, TOWL was fun and twice we relaxed with dessert up there. Will hate to see it go, as rumor persists. I am a treadmill runner and used the fitness center nearly everyday (getting up at 5:30 am to so) the walk over was easy and although certainly not the best fitness center I have come across it was fine for what I needed. We used both the pools at the BLT and the CR, although our kids are older they certainly do a lot to entertain the young ones. I am not sure how much I like the pool at BLT, it could be bigger and overall I like the space and layout of the CR pool better. Overall our experience was great! :RpS_thumbsup: I am very pleased we own here and wouldn't hestiate to stay here again, but of course want to check out all the DVC resorts as well..:RpS_smile:


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We too stayed at BLT in December 2011 and were prepared for the worse. The reviews I have read were negative. As did you, we were pleasantly surprised and the modern decor is nicely done. I liked the sliding doors with the bathrooms. We had lake view and we had fun watching the boats come and go. The walk to MK is priceless.


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We own at BLT and WL but much prefer BLT. I was disapointed in the pool at BLT though. The rooms are much nicer than I expected after reading reviews. I was planning on staying there in August but it was booked. So we are trying the BWV for the first time. We stayed in a 2BR at the VGC last Dec. and soon purchased there. BLT is really great and some rooms have great views but the resort is not on the same level with VGC.


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but the resort is not on the same level with VGC.
I have to agree there is something about the VGC that I simply adored. I would love to own there someday. The combination of the decor, location and vibe of the place is amazing.