Keeping busy at home


I got sucked into watching the AllEars videos on YouTube and now I look for them.

Today was our official (already scheduled) last day of school, and I went in to work to help collect packets and textbooks. I will officially be going back to work on Tuesday, after being off for 10 weeks.
I LOVE Molly!!


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2nd grade student teacher did the cutest Zoom meeting last week. It was a virtual WDW field trip. Kids dressed up as favorite Disney character (although one went rogue and came as a velociraptor). Photos and videos driving up to the TTC, scaning Magic Bands. FP schedule with POV ride-through for Peter Pan, Mine Train, and Pirates. Lunch at Casey's corner complete with menu photos. The "school" part was various math problems like calculating time between FP, distance on the map between rides, cost of lunch etc. She did an amazing job putting it all together!

Class ended with a front and center viewing of HEA. The music started and my son said "Mom, why is there water on your face?" I was thinking what I wouldn't give to be back in time squashed in that crowd. Want to squeeze in front of me at the last minute? Go right ahead! Shoulder kid? No problem!


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Scones! Cranberry walnut, using the basic King Arthur recipe as a starting point. I have not had them yet (am waiting until after I get the roof rack installed on my car to grab some kayaks for socially-distanced recreation.)

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How did the King Arthur recipe turn out? We've done the test kitchen recipe 3 times and gotten variable results. The worst batch was when we didn't work quickly and all the chilled ingredients didn't stay chilled. I'm intrigued by the 30 minute freeze before baking.


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It was okay. I would add more butter next time. They were more biscuit than scone. We ate them, but I may tweak.