Kilimanjaro Safaris while pregnant?


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Hello all,

My wife, son, some friends, and I will be at AK next Saturday the 24th. My wife is 20 weeks pregnant. KS is probably her second favorite attraction in WDW after Soarin.

We know KS has a pregnancy warning, and last time we went to AK when she was about 8 weeks along she avoided it. This time, however, I know she'd love to ride it. I really don't think it is that bad. Pirates and Maelstrom don't have warnings and to me are worse with the drops they have.

Anyone here have any experience riding KS while pregnant or having a spouse/girlfriend who did so? How did you/she feel about it if so?



My doctor told me I could ride anything I wanted as long as I was in my first trimester, so I rode it at 11 weeks. The ride can be extremely bumpy. If she does decide to ride, then I'd make sure to be in the front seat.


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I rode it in 2008 while 24 weeks pregnant. That child just turned 6 and is doing great in kindergarten. :RpS_wink:

I did avoid all the other rides with warnings, even though I was sad to miss Star Tours, my favorite ride. Luckily I got to ride it 3 times when we went to WDW last year. Whee!! :RpS_lol:

ETA: obviously this post was not intended as medical advice, just sharing my personal experience, as the OP asked.
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Normally I wouldn't comment on this question because I'm usually the one who thinks your baby is pretty we'll protected in there. They allow newborns on and they are a lot more likely to be dropped than a healthy pregnant woman having a problem with a bumpy road. But most people seem to me to have a "always better safe than sorry" mentality that you really can't argue with. (Or shouldn't argue with)
This time I have a thought to add that may be food for thought. My sister-n-law just found out today that her 3 yr old daughter's speech and coordination delays are likely the result of a stroke before or during birth. Although the doctor is trying to assure her that lots of things could have caused this, she is beating herself over every Tylenol she took, the half glass of wine on their anniversary, walking too little, walking too name it. Most likely it was something that couldn't be prevented.
I'm definitely not saying anything as serious as that it might cause a stroke to go on a ride, please don't think that. More along the lines of, if anything goes wrong at all, will she be the type to beat herself up forever thinking she shouldn't have went on it? Even if it was positively not the problem?
I hope this doesn't sound too negative and doom and gloom. It's just this question came up and I'm only just off the phone listening to how miserable this new mom is blaming herself for nothing.

To be fair though and show my other opinions, lol. I went horseback riding, sledding, and on a few amusement park rides in various stages of pregnancy without any problems. In some areas of the world women do routinely hard labor right up until birth. I can't imagine a bumpy bus ride is going to bother an otherwise healthy pregnancy.

It's just more a matter of figuring out how you would deal in the rare what if situation.
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Definitely request the front row for a less bumpy experience. Pregnancy warning obviously has nothing to do with the drop - just how bumpy the ride is particularly in the back. As an unmarried male currently unable to bear children myself, I would likely opt to skip it out of paranoia.


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I think you have a 99% chance of everything being fine. I am a worrier though, and if something did happen (even later in the pregnancy) I would always blame myself and think that it was something I did.

Pregnancy is one of those weird topics that either seems completely blissful (to those who easily got pregnant and have had minimal complications) or challenging to those who have struggled. Until you have your own loss or complications it is hard to truly know how you would feel if something happens. I had close friends who were very caring when I had my miscarriage and struggle for pregnancy. But once they started trying for families themselves, the "nothing bad can happen to me" feeling we all get took over. Unfortunately, some of them also had a hard road too and finally truly understood.

I don't want to be a downer, but in the grand scheme of life, I don't think any ride is worth the risk even if it is really small.


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Thanks for the perspective guys. I'll share this with her and she can make the decision (and possibly call her doctor too). What Rowan said will probably be very true for her and my guess is she'll skip it.


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I agree, she should definitely ask her OB. I was 14 weeks along on our first trip, and my doc said "basically, as long as your 3yo can ride it, you should be OK too" so I pretty much rode everything like he said (including 3 trips on the tea cups, barf!) I rode mid-truck on KS and didn't think twice about it, but I am not a worrier, and neither is my doc.


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I agree that she should ask her doctor, but as someone raised on a farm, I'd say that KS is no different than driving around a farm or on a gravel road in a pickup, which I'm sure most pregnant farm ladies do on a daily basis. I've had bumpier rides in cars or shuttles in the Caribbean, or Minnesota during pothole season. LOL.


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This is not a criticism of the OP, because I see questions like this frequently (moreso on the Dis than any other site I read), but why do people ask for medical advice from others who are essentially strangers?
I think because in most cases here it's a situation that we think others may have gone through and they can tell us things our doctor probably won't. I'm not saying the doctor is going to hide things from a patient, but he's not going to know how difficult getting in and out of the boat on PotC might be for someone who recently had knee surgery, or what Space Mountain might do to a person with neck pain.


If something happens later on (probably in no way related to a ride on KS), would you blame yourself and/or the ride? If the answer is yes, then I would skip it. My SIL recently miscarried at 15 weeks and is blaming herself for a ski trip at 7 weeks. No falls, no black runs. Probably unrelated, but part of her grieving nonetheless.


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This is not a criticism of the OP, because I see questions like this frequently (moreso on the Dis than any other site I read), but why do people ask for medical advice from others who are essentially strangers?
For the most part I agree. People should be talking with the doctor regarding medical questions. However, I feel this type of question is a little different. If you have never been to Disney and more importantly your OB has never been to Disney, or specifically on KS, they are only making a decision based on how you present it. If you tell them it's a jeep ride to see animals, they are probably going to say it's fine. If you say it's a jungle safari and Disney warns pregnant women not to ride, they will probably lean more towards a no. I can see the benefit of getting opinions of people who have actually ridden it multiple times to help aid you in your decision.

I'm pretty certain that my OB would have given me the all clear to ride KS, but at some point I also defer to my own thoughts and intuition and know I wouldn't do it. Like I said, the likelihood of there ever being a problem is very minor. Similar to many other warnings pregnant women face - no deli meat, no hair dye, no sushi, etc. All women have to decide what level of risk they are willing to accept. I didn't think twice about eating Subway sandwiches nearly every day because it was the only food I could keep down! While talking to her doctor is a perfectly fine idea, she ultimately has to decide what she feels comfortable with regardless of whether or not her doctor gives a green light. If I went ahead and rode KS and something happened, I know the "okay" from my doc probably isn't going to take away the guilt I would feel.


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I think because in most cases here it's a situation that we think others may have gone through and they can tell us things our doctor probably won't.
But this isn't "can I get in and out of the vehicle without too much pain." This is "will my pregnancy be put in danger by this attraction."

That's not a question any of us here can answer, unless one of us happens to be an OB who is current on the literature.


does anybody know how to change this?
But the question Art asked wasn't specific to this situation. That's why I said "in most cases" :RpS_cool:


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I'm pretty sure a lawyer tells Disney to put those signs up, rather than a doctor. But, I'm sure there is a reason for that, and it's an unpleasant and decidedly not-magical reason.

No attraction is worth a health risk, no matter how benign an attraction may seem, so my advice would be to seek your doctor's advice.