Lady Tremaine visits MNSSHP


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I can't believe only two weeks until I'll be back at MNSSHP! I saw pictures online that they've already started decorating for Halloween. Dunks is releasing pumpkin spice flavors soon. The most wonderful time of year is coming!!!

I'll be flying into Tampa, landing around noon, and making my way towards Orlando on the 27th. I was planning on staying outside of Orlando but just booked a room at Movies! I realized that wearing my costume around not Disney would make me feel a little bit silly. Plus I won't have to worry about parking at the parks and can just rely on the bus. That saves a little bit of stress for sure! Plus even though I have to drive and work on the 28th, there is something awesome about waking up at Disney World and having a Mickey waffle before hitting the road.

I'll get pretty and take the bus over to MK. I'll be dressing up as the one and only Lady Tremaine! The original, not the live action version. I have a stuffed Lucifer to make the most awesome accessory. I have a light weight maroon dress with some layers and a small turtleneck to make it look royal. I have the aqua / emerald jewelry. I have the big hair. It'll be great! I hope to meet Cinderella and the evil step-sisters during the party. I think it'd be make for really fun photo opts.

I'm really excited for the new fireworks, the Monsters Inc Halloween overlay and the desserts. I also love Boo To You and hope to watch from somewhere other than Frontierland for once.

Am I there yet!?


Sounds great!! My DD just started the DCP program at WDW and is working in the shops on Main St. One of the things she is really looking forward to is seeing all of the costumes at MNSSHP. I'll tell her to look out for Lady Tremaine!


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My trip to MNSSHP started early. My flight to Tampa left at 1030 so I was up and out of my house pretty early. I love listening to Theme Park music on the drive to / from the airport and the Move It Shake It parade soundtrack was a good way to start the day. That and pumpkin iced coffee.

It was an uneventful trip to the airport and through security.

I flew into Tampa because I had a work event in the area the next day and thought it'd be easier overall. I don't mind the monorail ride at MCO and love that you can walk to the rental car facility right across the street. For some reason, the layout of TPA bothers me. As I was riding to my rental car I got this alert so I was happy!

Its August in Florida so I knew I was going to hit rain but holy crap it was a lot. There were times it was so hard to see. I was cursing myself for flying into TPA instead of MCO, wishing the rain would stop and wondering if the rain would happen during the party and hold off crowds. The rain did eventually stop but I had to stop to get coffee because the rain was making my eyes tired. I was looking forward to getting to Movies, taking a nap in during the rain and waking up to sunshine and rainbows. While the rain on my ride did stop, I made a pit stop at another Disney resort first! One of my TA colleagues was invited to the SW:GE opening and was staying at CSR in the GDT. I thought the pics of the new tower were beautiful and needed to go see it myself. Pictures don't do it justice people. It smelled good, it looked good, I was so amazed. The last time I was at CSR the tower was maybe 5-6 floors into construction so to see it all done was cool. I was also not expecting to see an inside walkway that connected the tower to the shopping and food court. It makes sense but there was not a stitch of construction of that part last year. I'm curious if they plan to renovate the old check-in area since its empty now. Some pics:

I love the lobby bar!!

Hi Walt!

These rival my favorite chairs in the Beach Club lobby.

Views from my colleagues window. Here is SW:GE

Honestly, GDT is like deluxe accommodations for moderate price. It is SO nice. I would stay here and totally recommend to anyone looking at it. I loved it!

So after my bop and chat, it was time to get to ASMovies to get ready for MNSSHP!

The preferred room was all that was left when I booked this last minute but with the summer discount is was still a good deal. I had a magic band and the app has a key so I never stopped by the front desk. I was in Toy Story 9.

I wasn't sure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised to walk into a renovated room! I had only seen pics so it was nice to see up close. The room felt very clean but also empty of personality. I know there are giant characters and Disney music outside your room so having it throw up Disney on you isn't needed, but I thought it was missing something. I did like that it had the door instead of the curtain, and the new shower. I just thought it could used a little more something. You could see a picture of this room and think you were at any hotel.

A coffee maker!

I didn't pull down the table bed but I was curious about it.

It was close to 4 at this point... so so much for making it into the party right at 4. I was bummed but also glad I stopped to see GDT. It took awhile to transform into this...

Lady Tremaine was ready for MNSSHP!!

I started to walk to the bus and checked the app and a MK bus was arriving in just a minute. I just made it onto the bus. It was party time!!!