last minute hurricane detour!


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Had plans to go to Myrtle Beach 9/7-14, didn't feel gambling with Dorian. We start driving in 6 hours, staying Clearwater-adjacent and got tickets for Tuesday MNSSHP. Got a throwaway campsite night and a Liberty Tree "lunner" for 4:45 (I think... though that makes no sense with our FP+ - anyway, never eaten there and have plenty of time to cancel.

Was able to find FP+ at 3:00 (JC), 4:00 (Splash), 5:00ish (can't remember)


DH - only wanted to sit on the beach and fish
DD13 - is BIG MAD about missing school, only one that knows MNSSHP is happening
DD11 - a little less than big mad about this vacay, hoping I can find something manatee related for her to see/do to make up for this most terrible parenting decision
DD9.1 and DD9.2 - these two could care less about missing school but when asked what one thing they'd want to do if we got a chance to go back to MK, only listed things at the other parks, smh.

Probably no pics but will try to keep track of our touring/timing in the park. The crotchfruit will probably want to prioritize the trick-or-treating over rides and characters because: CANDY. You can also expect general venting from spending time with the fam in close quarters.


Why did you get a throwaway campsite? You're within 30 days, so what's the benefit?

Why would you allocate such a large chunk of your limited time in the park for a supper? I would try to arrive at 3 and get a quick service at Poly, then "revive" as needed with quick snacks.

I thought you wouldn't be allowed in until 4:00, so I'm not sure how that JC FP is going to work.


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Made it to Reddington without a problem yesterday afternoon and love our home-for-the-week! Today's plans involve the beach and the forecast looks like more beach with a side of kayaks tomorrow.


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We did it! Would have ideally stayed for the late parade and midnight Hocus Pocus show, but we had a change of plans yesterday and most of the rest of the cast started the day off feeling pretty beat up. So here’s most of what we ended up doing - I really like these forums for showing me what can realistically be accomplished in a visit and hoping to pay it forward:

1045ish left Madeira/Redington
1230 DS parking - placed a mobile order at D-luxe, worked great!
1310 done eating, hit up the LEGO store and World of Disney
1400 started walking to the car to head to fort wilderness to pick up our magic bands - our party tickets were already linked, and they counted as our souvenirs. I had on previous trips pimped out their bands and the girls can’t wait to do it themselves now when we get home. The $63 dollar campsite got us 6 bands and free parking. I stopped taking notes at this point until we were on the rides so I can’t remember when we actually hit the lot but we were at the ropes farthest to the right after taking the monorail and stopping at the bathrooms around 1505

1557 space FP+
1616 space standby
1635 JC loading (FP+)
1703 BTMR
1715 Liberty Tree - we were roasting and thirsty and idk how we were hungry after D-luxe, but we were and had a great time on our bums, enjoying the AC. We had a 1710 ADR, checked in a couple minutes late and were seated almost immediately.
1850 off splash (5 min)
1856 pirates - the Halloween add-on was one of my faves
1915 carpets
1930 HM (20” posted we stood outside just long enough to enjoy The Bride’s show)
1947 iasw
2025 Peter Pan
2037 WtP
2047 teacups
2101 dumbo
2109 barnstormer
2122 7 dwarves meet (lolz - they said 45-60 min and we left after 10 minutes when we were maybe 3 parties back; what sealed the deal was the littles needing a bathroom break and the Dwarves taking one of their own)
We also probably hit two or three great stations in the storybook circus as well as enjoyed Timon’s, Vampirina’s, and Nancy-the-Fancy-One’s moves
2131 Ariel’s grotto treats
2134 under the sea
2147 Gaston’s for some brew, sitting down, and a bathroom break
2215 caught the fireworks from behind the castle - we weren’t pressed about catching the projections initially because the littles did not enjoyed fireworks on our last visit 3 years ago. Two minutes in, the party decided to make their way around to the front of the castle to catch the show. We ended up near cosmic ray’s to watch a show with no sound? Ducked in to see what the Descendants’ whatever was all about. Came away ogling a bomb evil queen costume and with some ice waters
2229 monsters inc (at this point the driver of the party went full mutiny and insisted we make our way to the exit - convinced him to stay for Hocus Pocus!)
2239 in front of Walt for the show
2315 caught headless horseman in front of the train station
2323 monorail to parking
2338 in the car out the lot
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Thanks for posting! We going to the party for the first time this year so I love it! Did you get in the park before 4pm on your MNSSHP ticket or do y’all have APs?