Late(ish) night return from Boardwalk to Poly?


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We will have one 'sleep- in' day, and thought the night before we'd go to the boardwalk after Epcot closes for a late dinner. If we stay for a bit and have a drink, what is our best option for returning to the Poly? We're actually staying at Shades of Green, but would walk to our room from there.


I agree with George. The cost to Uber or Lyft (not Minnie Van) is pretty low. I would just order a Lyft and enjoy.

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There's no way back from 1 resort to another without using a park or DS. So you could catch a bus from BWI to DS but I'll warn you, they share with ALL the Epcot resorts so it can be a long ride. If HS were still open, or Epcot if it's EMH then you could bus to Poly from there. If you Ride Share you may as well go to SOG rather than Poly.