Late start AK - 11/29


Sorry for all the posts in one day. I've procrastinated long enough and am running out of time to finish plans!

Heading to AK on Tuesday, 11/28 and planning on a late arrival.

1. Ride KS with FP+ 10:45-11:30 (window 10:45-11:45)
2. See FOTLK 12:00 show
3. Lunch at Flame tree 12:45-1:30 (not sure we'll be hungry yet. Thought about trying to move EE FP to earlier if possible)
4. It's tough to be a bug 1:30-2:00
5. Ride EE with FP+ in two groups due to little guy 2:05-2:40 (window 1:25-2:25)
6. Ride Dinosaur w/FP+ again in two groups 2:45-3:05 (window 2:35-3:35)
7. Ride Triceratop Spin 3:40-4:00
8. Ride Primeval Whirl 4:05-4:25

Then fill rest of evening wandering around. Possible sunset KS.

ADR's either 6:15 yak and yeti or 7:30 Sanaa. Haven't decided what to keep yet. Depends on what ends up happening with ROL. Current closing time is 7:00 and we're supposed to have an early morning at Universal the following day. Can switch AK and Universal day too if that turns out to be advantageous. Have similar FP+ at AK for Tues and Wednesday right now. Wednesday ADR would be 5:00 pm at Boma.

Thanks again for any and all help!

Heidi K

New member
Not sure how large your party is, but you could potentially get FP for half of you for EE, then the other half ride using baby swap. That would allow you to get FP for the other half of you for Primeval, then the remaining people ride using baby swap.