Le Cellier Pre-fixe lunch, beef version


Note: If you aren’t a red meat eater and don’t like your meat on the rare side, the entree descriptions below may not be helpful to you in your decision-making. There were pasta and chicken options.

Le Cellier has a Pre-fixe lunch menu currently available--$49 or two table service credits--that I wanted to try as soon as Josh mentioned a while ago that the lunch menu had been reintroduced there. We had been to Le Cellier two years ago and enjoyed the food but thought the OOP price was far too high for us. So, we thought we’d give the lunch a try on this trip.
Sis and I had an ADR on Dec 18 at 11:30am.
We were seated and given a bread basket, including the pretzel bread and butter with the sea salt and maple sugar on it. OUr server made sure to mention the pre-fixe lunch option and answered any questions we had. I loved the bread so much that I had some even though I intended to order the burger.
Appetizers: (choice between heirloom tomatoes or beer cheese soup)
Sis--Heirloom tomato salad. A large portion with several different kinds of tomatoes.
Me--Beer cheese soup. Good but I ended up wishing I had gotten the tomatoes. It was uncharacteristically hot in Orlando that day (80’s), and I just wasn’t in the mood for soup.
Sis--Beef tenderloin, medium rare. The beef tenderloin wasn’t as huge as the filet mignon that you get off the full menu, but was a decent serving. Served on top of asparagus with peppercorn butter. Sis asked for the butter on the side since she wasn’t sure how peppery it was going to be. She said it had a few peppercorns in it but had a nice flavor. She would get it on the steak next time. She found the steak to be perfectly cooked and very tender.
Me--Waygu beef burger ‘Oscar”, medium rare. Just a note for you burger lovers out there--this was the best burger I’ve had in the parks, bar none. I’m a burger gal and will always choose a good burger over a steak any day. As burgers go, I was not disappointed. I enjoyed this much more than the 'waygu’ burger with the egg and pastrami available for lunch at the Brown Derby at Hollywood Studios.
Also, I realize that the term ‘waygu’ has no real meaning or standardization in the US, but Le Cellier’s version is a large burger of high quality ground beef on a fresh pretzel bread bun that was seriously delicious. My request for medium rare was perfectly done and the lobster gives a nice, but not overpowering flavor to the whole thing. If you like lobster but don't know if you want it on your burger, you could ask for it on the side. The burger also comes with parmesan truffle fries, which I loved.
Dessert: (Chocolate mousse or Maple creme brulee)
Sis: Chocolate mousse (shaped like a maple leaf). Mousse comes covered with some sort of red ganache that truly does make it look like a maple leaf. It’s a large and tasty potion, but Sis was so full by then she said she wished she had gotten the creme brulee.
Me: Maple creme brulee. Had this two years ago and was happy to find it the same.

Pros: Pre-fixe menu food quality was excellent and portions were large. This was our big meal of the day and we couldn’t even think of eating again until late evening.
Cons: Even though the cost of the Pre-fixe lunch is less than the current price of the filet alone ($49 versus $54), it is still pretty dang pricey. However, the cost did bring it into the range of ‘splurge’ for our big meal of the day for us. So we were ok with it and would go back. I hope this option is still available when we make our next trip.
But it may not be the best value for folks on the dining plan, since the pre-fixe menu costs two dining service credits--the same as if you were eating for two credits on the regular menu (which would already include an appetizer and dessert). Someone who knows more about how the dining plan works may have a better perspective on this.



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Thanks. I might give this a try on our upcoming trip's World Showcase afternoon. The $49 is what you'd pay off the menu for the three cheapest options, so it's not a horrible deal OOP.


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Nice review, I might have to hit it up for that burger. Maybe for the next walk around World Showcase ;)