Legoland California?

Has anyone been to or have advice regarding Legoland in California? We've done WDW and DLR before, but have never been. We are thinking of going for a day or two on our next DLR trip (probably in October). I'm not sure if one day will be enough or if we'll want two. They will only be open from 10-5 when we'd be there. Any other advice? Kids will be almost 7, 5, and 2.75.


We went in May 2018 with kids age 7, 3, and 2. One day was enough for us, though we didn't get to do everything (and it was too cold for some of the water stuff to be open). We did not go to the aquarium, either.

We got a decent deal on tickets by going through the California PTA website (no requirement that we actually be members of the PTA or even residents of California).

The rides were largely underwhelming, at least for adults. My 3- (now 4-) year-old still talks about the Ninjago ride, which is kind of like TSMM except you "shoot" by moving your hands at the screen. It was pretty neat, but took a while to get the hang of. The kids also, kind of surprisingly, really liked the Driving Schools. They have 2, 1 for little kids (the 2yo was still too little for that) and 1 for older--I think the novelty of getting to drive a go-cart-type vehicle all by themselves was responsible for a lot of that. If your kids like roller coasters but haven't got to do many of them, there are a few they might like--think similar in scope and size to Barnstormer.

Our basic touring plan was to start at Ninjago and then go counterclockwise around the park. Getting there 30 minutes before park open was plenty early enough to be at the front of the rope drop crowd. We did not purchase the equivalent of fastpass--that would've helped a few times, but we did not regret not having it. We were there right after our schools got out, but local CA schools were still in session.

The neatest stuff for me was just looking at all the things made out of legos. Some Star Wars stuff, a Jungle Cruise-type ride that takes you past landmarks made out of legos. My boys also really enjoyed a simple activity where they built boats out of legos and then released them to go down a little course. Got some apple fries (recommended!) and then took our time while kids were on a nearby big playground.

We got a refillable mug early in the day, which we put to good use. We ate in a nice spot overlooking the water; food was comparably priced to WDW and decent.

We were glad we went, but we all enjoyed Sea World in San Diego (if you want to go a bit farther south) more.



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We went in 2015 (kids were 4 and 7 then) and had a fun time. I recall we bought a 3 day pass since it was a good deal (barely more than a 1 day), we had 2 days in the park that were basically 3/4 of a day and then 1 more day that was some time at the waterpark and a little more time in the theme park. We also did 2 days at Sea World, 1 at the Zoo, and a few days around the area (hiking, mini-golf, beach, shops), and it was a nice balance of busy days and low-key days.

I would say it is possible to do most everything in 1 day if that is what you are looking for, but you may have to prioritize a little, and likely skip the waterpark. If you had 1.5 days it might be a little less stressful if something goes down or the lines don't play out like you expect (you basically get a 2nd Rope Drop).

I just asked my oldest (now 11) what he remembers 4 years later, and the Driving School was the main thing he said was the most fun. He was able to do most things, but our youngest was not able to do a few based on height.

Sorry not much more advice, but we did think it was worth it, but I agree totally that it was underwhelming for the adults.
Thanks so much for the tips guys! We did the San Diego Zoo and Seaworld on our last trip 2 years ago and will probably try to hit both those again since we enjoyed them so much and obviously the littlest doesn't remember them at all. It sounds like Legoland will be worth adding to our itinerary at this age. Maybe we'll do a day early in the trip and then if we feel like we didn't get enough we can add a second day later.
I'm kind of hoping they like Driving School enough I can get out of taking them on Autopia. (When talking about DL last week they actually referred to Autopia as "that ride we had to wait a long time for.") Fingers crossed.