Lessons Learned: Next time I am not ....


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add your lessons learned

Next time we are not not doing Crystal Palace breakfast at 8AM. I felt I am watching the time every minute not to miss rope drop and not to miss out on the best time with lowest waits in MK

Next time we are not doing Peter Pan. Seriously, It's a waste of fast pass as nobody of us cares, and the wait are always long. Just not for us. Do I forget how little we care about it?

Next time we are not doing EMH in AK or HS or EP. Not worth it. For the 1st hour in EMH we did TSM and Rock coaster. First hour on recommended day - Rock Coaster, TSM, and ToT

MK EMH we will keep but move to different park after 10 or 11, have lunch there and our fast passes for after 1:30 in second park.

I forgot the main one. I won't take my son on Everest on first day as first ride. Not the best idea for under 9s
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I forgot the main one. I won't take my son on Everest on first day as first ride. Not the best idea for under 9s
I did this with my 7yo last fall. She hated it and didn't want to go on any other roller coasters the rest of the trip. I missed out on many of my favorites, but did take her on 7dmt, which she hated then but now wants to try again. LOL


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I know there are a lot of these for us, but the one that pops into my head first is -

Next time, I am not going to rely on bus service at Boardwalk to get us anywhere comfortably or in any reasonable amount of time. In my mind, Deluxe accommodations should not include sharing bus service with 4 other resorts. If we ever stay there again (HS and EP access is too good to pass up), we will drive to MK and AK every time.


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The next time I will not buy YES tickets all in one bunch, I will buy 2 kids + 1 adult and 1 kid + 1 adult so that DH and I can both attend the program with them. No, we haven't experienced YES before, but I anticipate we will like it. It's also possible the girls will want different programs and we will need to reserve that way anyway.

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that's a shame
Things we've done but won't do again:

--dining plan
--early AM breakfasts (we'd do a late morning brunch/breakfast on a "no parks" day, but on park days we eat in the room)


Will not rely on the monorail for ANYTHING.

We stayed at the YC last week and had the Lilo and Stitch breakfast scheduled at Ohana at 11:00 on our last Disney day (we were transferring to Universal and planned to hit the Universal parks that afternoon). We took a packed!! bus on which we had to stand shoulder to shoulder around 9:30 from YC to MK where we caught the resort monorail to the Polynesian. That monorail trip stopped on the track 3 times for about 5 minutes each time plus the time we sat and sat and sat at The Contemporary waiting to load more passengers. By the time we reached the Polynesian it was 10:55. Nearly 90 minutes to travel.
Once the breakfast was over we went to board the monorail to get back to the MK to catch our bus back to YC where we needed to pick up our stored luggage and get a taxi to Universal. We were informed that the monorail was down and we would need to catch the boat out back to MK....ok.....we head out there to a long line of people waiting in the blazing sun...NO SHADE at all. They had this tiny boat coming every 15 minutes from the MK it would be full each trip and maybe 5-6 people would get off at the Polynesian meaning only 5-6 could board. Then wait another 15 minutes and repeat. All told we stood there in the scorching heat 1 hour and 10 minutes to get a boat back to MK. It was miserable. They desperately need another plan when the monorail is down....it was brutal.
I don't think I would ever stay at a monorail resort because of this.


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I did the same thing with the 8am Crystal Palace, and came to the same conculsion, I spent the entire breakfast stressed about making it out in time for RD, which of course we didn't. I much prefer brunch now.


This time we are not buying the water parks and more add on. The water parks are fun, but too exhausting (even the day after) and not relaxing. We swim every afternoon at the resort anyway. We are not doing DQ, either.

We've learned to plan more down time. I have to keep reminding DH that there is no value in doing so much that we are tired and grouchy. This trip, I'm looking forward to our first time at WL the most!


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I will not eat breakfast at Crystal Palace just because it's 'tradition' (seven trips!).
It was great when I was 8 and 10, it was nostalgic when I was 16 and 17... and since then it's felt more like an obligation! Time to admit to myself I just don't like character meals, and move on to making some new traditions!


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Unless I hit the lottery, I'll probably never stay on property again! I was so worried about renting a car and driving to the parks, but it was so much easier than using Disney buses. Plus, we got a fabulous 2 bedroom condo for 10 nights for less money than a week in one room at Pop Century.

I probably wont eat eat at SciFi Cafe again. It sounds like a fun idea, but it is too dark and stressful with small children.


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I can't believe I'm the first to say this. I will never ride It's a Small World again. It's boring and that song gets stuck in your head. I know it's a classic and people love it, but no one in my family can stand it.


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we will never sit through Country Bear Jamboree again for many, many reasons, even if it's the last air-conditioned show left in WDW.

PS--I love this thread!


I agree 100% with the Country Bear Jamboree! My husband and I looked at each other several times and said WTH is this!?! There are so many reasons it needs to go. Seriously....what were they thinking!?!


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I will never schedule ALL the princess meals in the same trip ever ever again..free dining plan or not...First was the look of "Wait you don't look like the Cinderella I met yesterday?" By the third one she was like Nah, I don't need another picture but thanks. Nothing kills the magic quite so quickly as having the illusion destroyed. I guess I won't have to worry until I have grandchildren since she is the youngest..


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I like Country bear jamboree, it cracks me up!!!

I will never drink around the world and then try to do SOAT or TT the next day. Not a good idea.


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Unless I hit the lottery, I'll probably never stay on property again! I was so worried about renting a car and driving to the parks, but it was so much easier than using Disney buses. Plus, we got a fabulous 2 bedroom condo for 10 nights for less money than a week in one room at Pop Century.
Lauren, I am so glad you loved off site. I know you were worried but glad to hear it worked out. I feel exactly the same way. Hard to justify paying more for so much less.

Next trip there is no way I am buying my girls any gifts until the last day. It has been an informal tradition that they could pick one sounvenir the last day to remember the trip. This last trip, on our second to last day we had some time on our way out of MK and I thought "why not just get the shopping knocked out now so we don't have to deal with it tomorrow?" Huge mistake. That night and the next day we had individual fits from all three girls. All different reasons, but long story short all could have been avoided if we had just waited. If nothing else, if they were going to be upset and have drama it would have happened on a going home day and not our last day.

I wouldn't do Small World if I didn't have kids but I love Country Bears. I also love this thread idea! :)


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After my first trip I said I wouldn't do Stitch again. However, my husband made me put in on the schedule for next month because he's never done it before. I totally get that, I kind of like to experience each thing once,

But in general NO to Stitch

I LOVE small world and I do Country Bears not because it is good, but because it is nostalgic.


Not quite ready to nix the DDP on future visits, but pretty close. It was a PITA setting up our ADRs for each day. I like the convenience of prepaying for the meals, but the stress of reworking my plans in order to fit in meals was almost too much.. 2 hrs on the phone, and only got 1 thing I wanted on the day I wanted it.. (which has been changed due to all the re-works) and 2 more of the restaurants I wanted, but on different days.. Even going during the off peak times.. the curse of the 'free ddp' (which since we are DVC and stay on points, will never have..)

I think that a dinner each day is a big part of the vacation, but in the future, I think we will just 'pre-pay' via gift cards and only go on 3-4 dinners rather than every day of the trip.


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Going to eat the Angus Pizza Burger.
Everything about a pizza burger sounds wrong. Everything. It was clearly invented by the same people who thought the bacon cheeseburger mac & cheese was a good idea.