Live Wait Times and FASTPASS return times


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I think the list of attractions with times looks awesome. Is there any way to add the operating hours of a park to the link on the main page.


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So is this pulling from Disney's official stats? Way faster loading time and I have been practicing on my home network. I can't imagine how slow their app is sometimes on their network!

Thank you!


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It's an ummmmmm very complicated algorithm that ummmmmmmm you couldn't possibly understand due to the uhhhh....permutations.


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I'm totally trying this tomorrow! The my Disney exp app is a battery sucker and slow. We haven't used it much. Can't wait to try this out.


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Weird, it's not working for me. I can see the top row with Ride Location Time Fast Pass and a line with a cute Mickey head in the middle but the only thing below the line is Show Other Attractions and Home

When I click on Show Other Attractions it does show me the operating hours of the attractions for the park I wanted but no wait times or fastpass return times and nothing shows up when I click on the links above the line.

Am I doing something wrong? Is my browser out of date?


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Well it's like midnight. Everything is closed.

It should load up again tomorrow morning.


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Josh - if you can make your way to Epcot the afternoon of Mon May 6th, I will buy you whatever you drink you want! or AK on Thurs May 9th. I can post our MK days if you can't make those - no booze but if you want that Dumbo popcorn container - it is yours my friend!


This is great! Clean, easy to read, concise, everything you need. I really like the option to show all the attractions or just some of them. It really makes it a great quick resource.


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i think i don't know what i am doing. i can see it on my computer but can't go to the link on google on my phone? is this an app? i have a droid does that matter?