Lyft/Uber or rental car: Week at WBC

My family (of four, so no need for XL) will be staying at Wyndham Bonnet Creek for a week this August (so not onsite but close by) and we are debating a rental car vs lyft/uber. We would likely do one park round-trip on half the days and two round-trips on the other half. We would use a grocery delivery service regardless, so wouldn't put much value on being able to drive ourselves to the store.

I think once you figure in the cost of parking at the parks, uber/lyft wins out even factoring in the to and from the airport. Even beyond pure cost there is the benefit of going to the Contemporary vs. TTC at MK. Bnever having used ride shares at Disney I ould be interested in other perspectives if folks have found uber/lyft inconvenient, unreliable or slow or if there have been other reasons not to use them for going to and from the parks.



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Assuming your family of 4 are all old enough to not need a car seat and dont have a ton of stuff you need to carry with you (ie stroller) Uber/Lyft should be fine. If you need a car seat almost no lyft or uber outside the disney minnie vans that cost more will have one. Its $10 or less to get around most places in the vicinity and we regularly uber/lyft all over the country without too many issues and none of them serious... Sometimes the driver is a bit weird or the car isn't the cleanest, we've also had drivers get turned around taking us places (but at least you dont pay by the mile like a cab so its less of an issue).

During busy times you may find rides to be more expensive or you have to wait longer, or both since they work on a surge pricing model. I also think there is some benefit to being able to have the flexibility to go wherever you want without counting the cost of rides. Plus being able to leave stuff in the car can be a nice perk too.

Personally I'd probably look at the total number of rides you are looking at, add a couple extra just in case and do the math. See how close it really is. If its close I'd rent, if its not close at all I'd uber/lyft.


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I would not mind using a cab/car service/what-have-you from time to time. For a full week, I would get a rental car even if it cost more. Having been stranded at WWOS in a torrential downpour in a runDisney packet pickup with a 20-30 minute wait to get a car, I never want to do that again.