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We have tried it. I didn't think the food was anything great. Disclaimer: we lived in Morocco and the food is not terribly authentic here. However, the dining room is beautiful. I remember reading that they brought artisans over from Morocco to do all the plaster/tile work. There is also a belly dancer that my younger son enjoyed quite a bit :)


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If you like Americanized Moroccan food, then I think that you will enjoy this restaurant. It is one of the less popular ones at Epcot. IMHO that is because it requires a specialized "taste" for the food. DH absolutely LOVED it and I liked it. The dancers where fun to watch and the kids in the restaurant all seemed to enjoy it also.


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We thought the atmosphere was the standout here over the food. My boys enjoyed the belly dancing (the belly dancer), although they wouldn't join in, it was fun watching the younger kids dancing around. The food was ok, nothing too memorable in my opinion.


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I remember the one time we ate there, many years ago, it was for lunch and we were literally the only people in the restaurant. It was during a very slow time but we really were the only customers. It was a little surreal. The food wasn't that super duper to us and we haven't ever gone back.