May vs week leading up to xmas


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i am starting to look at plans for a 2021 trip. I love being at the parks before Xmas in early Dec but schedules don’t allow that. So I am considering week leading up to Xmas. Question is how crowded will the week leading up to Xmas be? It’s really my preferred time to go but don’t want to deal with potential park closures due to max capacity,etc. Dates in 2021 have Xmas eve fall on a friday so plan would basically be to go Dec fri dec 17- thurs dec 23rd. How busy might those days be and will parks close on those days leading up to Xmas? My alternate plan is last week in May 21 if it’s just going to be crazy. Also how do you think 50th anniversary will impact?


he's right
The parks won't close that week. I've done 12/19-12/25, and while that was several years ago, it was very manageable with sensible planning.