Meals at "home"


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1/2 cup maple syrup
1 packet chili seasoning
Tried this one tonight, and DW and I were very impressed. The kids, less so.

I took some of the liquid from the crock pot, strained it, brought it to a boil on the stove, then thickened it with a corn starch/water mixture. Made a tasty glaze to pour over the chicken.


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I'm meal planning for our stay at WH. This is a great thread!

Recently I did Crock-Pot meals for the freezer. They have been delicious & a life-saver on busy days. We will be driving to FL so I plan on loading our large cooler full of foods for the week. Here are a couple things I'm taking. If it doesn't help for a Disney trip then maybe these links will help for real life at home. They certainly have been great for me!

Freezer Crock Pot Meals
- these meals have pleased even my vegetable-shy child. The goulash & curry meals are particularly delicious!

Corn Dog Muffins These have been a big hit with my boys. They freeze very well.

Crock Pot Breakfast Casserole My boys like breakfast casserole for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I have yet to try the crock-pot method at home. If all goes well I hope to have this as a meal in our condo.

A great thread everyone!


Will work for Dole Whips.

I've enjoyed the responses. I don't actually use them at DVC, but when we go skiing and stay in a condo. My husband remembered one that he wanted me to make for Super Bowl tomorrow.

Keep 'em coming!


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We cook bacon and use it all vacation long with breakfast. We also make omelets, they are quick and satisfying before we head to the park! Another thing we make is overnight french toast casserole, this warms up in the microwave and makes for another quick breakfast. Also, egg sandwiches are great. We don't like wasting the morning looking for something to eat, so try to eat a good breakfast before we leave, then a light lunch and usually eat dinner out.


Real Name: Charcoal Grills
We cook bacon and use it all vacation long with breakfast.
We love Costco precooked bacon (but not the ribbon-thin stuff they sell at Sams). We easily go through a package (~50 pieces for ~$13) or two per week, mostly for breakfasts.


what do we do when we're there?
I also do Bacon/bagles sandwiches a lot in the micro/toster. Aldi's has bacon crumbles if you are making omlets that don't need refrig until they are opened. I love the pre cooked bacon packages beacuse you can usually fit 2-3 very easily in luggage, and bagles hold up too, 2-3 boxes of granola or ceral bars and then if I don't have a car and am staying on site I use the gift shop for a few snacks and soda bottles. A car really changes your whole accessability to snacks/meals.

Anyone have a good way to cook eggs in the micro?
Searl Proudbottoms World s Famous BBQ Tri Tip Sannies

Hello All

I have been a lurker for some time and enjoyed this tread so I thought I would share one of my favorite meals.
Searl Proudbottoms World s Famous BBQ Tri Tip Sannies

· I like using the Jack Daniel's EZ Marinader. “Steakhouseor mesquite flavor”. It comes in a zip lock bag that will hold up to a 3 poundtri tip.
· Marinade for two days
· Sear each side of the tri tip for about 3 or 4minutes.
· Wrap completely in foil and add a little of theMarinade to the meat.
· Cook for another 25 minutes with indirect heat and the lid down, about 400 degrees.
· Let sit for 5 minutes and cut then for sandwiches.
· I like using the small sour dough or Dutchcrunch rolls about the size of a fist.
· Add butter and light grill the rolls.

"Bon appétit"


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Digging up a really old thread because I found out I can pack my frozen meals AT HOME and fly them TO VACATION! :RpS_thumbsup:

What this means for our August vacation is I can pretty much cut my "on vacation" prep time for meals probably in half or better! :woot:

I'll make our meatloaf, pot pie, shepherd's pie, chimichangas, stuffed chicken breasts, pork tenderloin, and breakfast quiches here at home, freeze those bad boys, then package them up for the flight with some dry ice. Our grocery trip in Orlando will be mostly drinks and fresh vegetables, which should cut shopping time down.


I am really geeked about this.



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Wanted to report back that freezing ahead worked beautifully!

About a month before our trip, I also purchased a FoodSaver, so that helped package everything so I was less concerned about anything leaking in the luggage. I pre-assembled:
* 2 quiche fillings
* meatloaf
* chicken pot pie
* pre-packaged marinated pork loin
* steaks to grill

Prep at home:
* I mixed the quiche fillings at home and poured them into gallon-sized freezer bags, then froze them flat in the refrigerator. Freezing them flat made them easier to transport, but also made them quicker to thaw.
* Mixed up the meatloaf and put it in a disposable aluminum pan. At home we use one of those fat-draining pans, so I poked holes in the bottom of one pan, then placed that one into a second pan--they come in 2 or 3 packs.
* Mixed the pot pie ingredients and put them in an aluminum casserole pan. No crust--I added that at the villa.
* FoodSaver sells some pleated bags that will contain large items, so that's what I put the pot pie and meatloaf in.

I froze everything solid about a week before, then the morning of our 7:30am flight, I pulled it all out of the freezer and placed it into a collapsible cooler. I then put that cooler in my rolling carry-on bag. I didn't want to risk the airline losing it or taking additional time in transport. :RpS_scared: By the time we got to the villa, things were starting to thaw, but were still at least partly frozen and certainly cold enough to be safe to eat. All told, duration from freezer at home to refrigerator on vacation was about 7.5 hours. All this with no dry ice, just big food items frozen solid.

Prep on vacation:
* Poured the quiche fillings into frozen pie crusts and cooked them arrival night for reheating later in the week.
* At meatloaf cooking time, balled up some aluminum foil to put between the pans. Worked great with almost zero clean-up!
* Topped the chicken pot pie with crescent rolls from the refrigerated section and baked
* All hail the oven with the auto start option! Loved putting food in before nap, then having the oven turn on and bake so I would wake up to dinner!

I fly a lot, so I expected security to pull my bag out. Since I expected it, I made the bag easy to access and didn't pack that bag with much of anything else. I put my DH and his bags first in security, then DS and his bags, then my bag and me. The TSA agents were impressed with the packaging, LOL, and had to swab everything for testing, but it was pretty painless.

What I would do differently next time:
* Pack at least one fewer "big" meal and replace with something easier like chili or soup that we could make sandwiches with.

The one thing I would recommend is to pack a meat thermometer. You want to make sure that meatloaf or any other large chunk of meat gets cooked to a safe temperature.



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I just have to say, I love the idea for the meatloaf in two pans with foil in between to allow drainage. :RpS_thumbsup: