Mickey's No So Sppoky Fireworks


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What does everyone think of the new firework show. I thought it was horrible. The theme just seemed scattered, and was hard to follow and made no sense in some parts. Also like they had a check list of things they wanted to see and put them up there in a semi organized fashion. The projects on the castle were neat, but it felt like watching a movie on the castle and the fireworks were an after thought, and as stated before it wasn't a good movie. The music was just blah, and Jack was a neat touch, but most people can't even see him since he is so low on the stage. After we saw the fireworks this year, DH, DD(11) and I were all disappointed.

Has anyone else seen the new fireworks yet? Just wondering what other's thoughts are.


Hmm, your comments are making me re-think some plans. I'm landing around 7pm on Halloween. If things at the airport/DME go smoothly, I was thinking about trying to watch the fireworks from the Contemporary or Polynesian (I'm staying at Pop, so it'll mean some travelling). But will it not be worth it with absolutely no view of the castle projections?


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Most of it is now on the castle, just like HEA, maybe even more so than HEA. But viewing it without the projections might actually be better, they were too much in my opinion.


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I enjoyed the show, but I thought it was less about the fireworks and more about the projections.