Military/Shades of Green?


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I just talked to my deployed son last night!

When this tour is over, I'd love to go to Disney World with him. He's 27, and single, and hasn't been to Disney since he was 10. (I feel like a terrible mom about that~) We would have a great time, just the two of us.

He's currently on a ship, and very rarely has internet, so I started looking into how to go about it. It's so confusing!

One of the biggest issues is that due to the current escalation of hostilities where he is, he doesn't know exactly when he will be done with deployment and back to the US or when he can get leave. At this point, he's assuming November. That we can deal with, as long as we're not dealing with Disney at Christmas, and hopefully find availability even last minute. He's relatively new to the military, and fairly low ranking (E3 by the time the deployment is over, most likely) so that means SOG would be very affordable for him/us if I understand that right.

For any military families or visitors, I read that he can get his tickets on base. But since he may not go back to base for months yet, can I get the tickets with his room reservation and then he can activate when he shows up with his military ID? I imagine they must be fairly flexible with cancellations and changes, since his leave can change at a moment's notice?

I live in Florida November-April(ish), about 90 minutes away, so he would fly into Tampa most likely and visit with us before heading over to WDW, but he could also fly into MCO and meet me there. The base he's on is in Lemoore, CA, near Fresno but of course right now he's in the Persian Gulf. So it's hard to consider all of the logistics in organizing a trip for him right now, but he was so excited to talk about WDW with me and I want to try my best to make that happen.

Any tips would be appreciated!


My dad is retired from the Air Force and we stayed at SOG a couple of times a few years back. We really enjoyed it. We just bought our tickets right at SOG. They had different options including park hoppers etc. They also have tickets for other attractions. We purchased tickets for Cape Canaveral. SOG does have a website so you can go and check out prices for rooms and tickets. Disney also has a special Military ticket but I am not sure how it compares to the SOG prices.


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Former Air Force Wife here. SOG can sell you tickets. The cheapest are the former Armed Forces salute ones (there website shows you the price list) and they are the same as those you would buy on base. (We bought our tickets at SOG and then had to verify them at guest services to get real Disney tickets. This was in 2014 and I’m not sure that’s changed.)


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We've been several times using the Salute Tickets since my husband just retired from the Coast Guard. You can purchase them at the Disney ticket window but you'll pay tax. You can purchase them when you arrive at Shades of Green from their ticket office, but if you would like to book fastpasses, your son can purchase them in advance through Shades of Green and they will ship them to whatever address he selects. They do require an order form with a copy of the military ID. I believe the military member has to sign the form, but it can then be scanned and submitted via email and they will call to confirm before charging. Since he's deployed, they may be able to call you to authorize payment. I'm not sure how that would work. I know spouses can, but we can also purchase the tickets on our own.

Hope it all works out and thanks to your son for his service!


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You can also get good info at As a spouse of a retiree I did as KangaFan said, emailing SOG and then following the steps to get tickets. Timing for a trip in Nov. would mean starting now to get the tickets so they can be linked through My Disney Experience and make fast passes at 60 days prior.