Minnie Van Airport and Port Canaveral Experience


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We used the Minnie Van from the airport to the resort and from resort to and from Port Canaveral.

I probably wouldn't do it again from the airport. It wasn't as much of a time saver as I'd hoped. It was still 1 hr 15 minutes from touchdown to resort arrival. 30 minutes from touchdown to meeting our driver (taxi to the gate, deplane, bathroom breaks, slow walkers) and 45 minutes from meeting the driver to pulling up at the resort (install booster seats, load luggage).

It was a reasonable value for Port Canaveral compared to the bus when you have 6 people ($210 for 6 taking the Disney bus vs $240 for the Minnie Van) and had the benefit of setting your own arrival time. A private car service would likely be cheaper.

Airport Service:
-Booking phone number is [FONT=&quot]407-WDW-PLAY.
-$150 including tax. Gratuity for the driver is additional and customary.
-The fee is pay in full at the time of booking
-The service is only to and from the WDW resort hotels (and some good neighbors). They will not take you to or from the parks or Disney Springs
-"Hours of operation for the shuttle service is for flight arrivals 7 a.m.-10 p.m. for flight departures 9 a.m.-12 a.m." per Disney parks blog
-The standard vehicle is a Suburban. "Each Minnie Van can hold up to six passengers and eight medium-sized suitcases"
-"Up to three complimentary car seats can also be provided and ADA accessible vehicles are available"[/FONT]

-There is a lot of communication in advance. A confirmation email when you book. A reminder email a few days in advance. A phone call the day before to confirm pick up time and location, check on luggage count, strollers, special needs etc. An email the morning of pick up with your driver's name and a contact phone number for day-of concerns or delays.
-They will track your flight and adjust for flight delays.
-The driver will meet you at the base of the escalator to baggage claim (A or B depending on your airline) and will have a sign with your last name.
-The driver will help with luggage if needed.
-We sent our checked bags via DME. I know using DME for luggage is a controversial subject when not taking the bus but we did not experience any difficulties. We already had the yellow bag tags because we originally planned to take DME. Then grandma decided she wanted a faster option from the airport because we had a later flight and we went with the Minnie Van. We were not sure the Minnie Van would have enough space for all our bags (we had 10).
-The car seats/booster seats are placed in the 2 captain's chair seats. The back bench seat holds 3 adults snugly (we were hip to hip with my husband, myself, and grandma back there). One passenger in front with the driver (lucky grandpa). Fitting 3 is snug if you are all adults on the back bench unless all 3 in back are petite/smaller adults. There is not much leg room behind the captains chairs so my husband (6'1") needed the middle seat of the bench and stretched his legs out between the captain's chairs.
-There are complementary Disney branded chocolates, water, soda, and sparking water.
-There are overhead screens for the DVD player and a choice of Disney movies (poor grandpa did miss out on seeing the movie).

To Port Canaveral
-Booking is through [FONT=&quot]Disney Cruise Line Embarkation Services at 1-800-395-9374.
-$240 each way including tax. [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Gratuity for the driver is additional and customary
-Same communication process with multiple emails and a phone call the day before
[FONT=&quot]-Luggage service is an additional $25 for up to 6 bags. It is the same [/FONT][FONT=&quot]luggage service that's included if you take the Disney buses to the port. [/FONT][FONT=&quot]They pick up the tagged (same tags as to curb check at the port) bags up from inside your Disney resort hotel room. They took our bags from our room after we checked out which made me a little nervous but it all worked out. The bags are delivered directly to your stateroom.
-We also took some bags in the Minnie Van that we curb checked with the porter. And then a 3rd set of bags that we carried on to the ship.
-Not surprisingly the Curb checked bags were in our cabin a few hours before the Resort service bags made it.
-Pick up in front of your resort hotel
-We scheduled our pick up for 9:30 am and there was quite a bit of traffic and we and missed the concierge boarding group. We were hoping for an upgrade for my parents and wanted to be extra early to inquire, but the terminal was already pretty packed when we got there with the 9:30 pick up. If I am in an early boarding group again or am hoping for an upgrade I would go with a 9 am pick up.
-Same vehicle, snack, movie details en route, just a longer drive.

From Port Canaveral
-Same booking phone number and price as to the Port
-Because you are on ship there is not a phone call the day before, but there is a confirmation email with directions for meeting your driver.
-The luggage transfer service is not an option because of customs
-You will need to claim your luggage per the usual process and go through customs
-The driver will meet you INSIDE THE TERMINAL right after customs and will have a sign with your last name. The nice, sweet air conditioned terminal. Unfortunately we had a porter helping with our luggage who took off to the private car service pick up area outside, even after I showed him my confirmation email with directions to meet INSIDE THE TERMINAL. We were then outside the security fence with a pile of 10 suitcases, kids, and elderly parents in the heat and in the wrong place.[/FONT]
[FONT=Open Sans, serif]Thankfully our driver was already there. I called the phone number in the "day of pick up" email and they were able to route the driver over to us and we didn't have to herd everyone and the bags back in. Unfortunately the driver was given a hard time by the staff in the pick up area for picking up "in the wrong place" and it was hard for her to maneuver in among the crush of double parked pick up vehicles. [/FONT][FONT=&quot]
-Pick up time was recommended for 9 am by the CM at Embarkation services. But we were through customs and ready to go at 8:40.
-We did manage to fit all our bags in, but it was tight. We had 5 large checked suitcases and 4 small carry on suite cases that just fit in the cargo area. My husband's carry on Europe-touring-style backpack had to be placed in front on the floor in front of the kids.
-We were dropped off at our resort hotel. Again, service is only to and from the hotels.



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This is great information. Curious about from PC to your Disney hotel if you don’t mind. 1) It sounds like you did normal luggage procedures (set luggage out the night before) as opposed to keeping the luggage in your stateroom and walking off with it in the morning? We are thinking to keep our luggage and walk off with it early in the morning in order to get to our hotel and in the park relatively “quickly” if at all possible. 2) When you arrived at your hotel post cruise, can you walk me through that process? Specifically, what was your arrival time at your resort, did you have your bags held for you since it was too early to check into your room, finally did you head to the park or hang out at the resort?

Thanks so much for sharing and explaining a little more to me. We are doing short stays before and after our cruise and would really like to get to the park as early as possible Saturday to make the most of the day.


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1. Yes, we did the regular luggage procedure. with 10 suitcases and only 2 able-bodied carriers we didn't have the option to carry everything off ourselves. I wish we had had the option!

2. We met the concierge walk off group at 8 am at the concierge lounge. We were some of the last people there so had to wait for elevators. Then we did get a little expedited walk off the ship. Although it didn't seem there was a long line to scan off the ship. It was easy to claim luggage because our stuff was in the concierge group section so much fewer suitcases to look through. There was no special line for concierge guests to get through customs. That was a pretty long line but it moved quickly. They looked at our passports and waived us through. You don't have to fill out the customs declaration form unless you have a significant purchase to declare. So from meeting in the lounge to being out the door at the terminal it was about 35 minutes. We had a delay getting picked up as described above.

At the hotel the minnie van driver dropped us in front and baggage services took all the suitcases on a cart to store until our room was ready. We did get a text while in the minnie van notifying us our room was not ready yet. We had our stuff sorted so we were ready with our park bags. All that was done and pictures of the kids in the lobby at 10:20 am. We then spent too much time in the lobby with bathroom breaks, sunscreen, the kids exploring, and checking with the concierge about dining reservations. We were through the gates at Epcot about 11:30 am and you could definitely get there sooner. We were very inefficient.

Hope that helps.


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Very helpful, thank you! Epcot will be our stop on Saturday as well. I think we’re going utilize DCL transportation vs the Minnie Van and I imagine this will take a bit longer due to resort stops. Happy to hear customs wasn’t too much of a time suck, as last I checked Global TSA Pre-Check wasn’t an option yet at PC (or that’s the last I read anyway).

Thanks again for the original post and response as always you give great detail that’s very much appreciated!