Minnie Van or Uber or walk


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I thought Disney ran early morning buses whenever there was an early opening, early morning event (like EMM) , or PPO breakfasts for any resort with boat or monorail not running in time for the early events. Is that not always the case?
No idea but yes, if there is NO boat offered, there is a bus offered. I have never bothered to take a boat to the early event, we walk. So I've never bothered to find the time


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I walked by myself last year in July when Toy Story opened and they did the early hours. I was a little leary going myself but there were people out and I paid attention to my surroundings, walked with a purpose, no ear buds in, and closer to the road/water.


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I’ve been for solo pre-dawn runs in the YC/BC/BW area (including as far as DHS and back) and it’s well lit and I saw other runners as well as maintenance workers out and about. I never felt unsafe.