MK 2 day plan


Day 1: 11/27 open 9-7:00, RD
My 8 man crew includes my husband, parents, kids ages 12, 10, 7, and 3.

1. Ride Space w/ rider swap (9-9:30)
2. Ride Buzz (9:35-9:45)
3. Ride Tomorrowland Speedway (9:50-10:10)
4. Ride Winnie the Pooh with FP+ (10:15-10:30) window 9:30-10:30
5. Ride Barnstormer (10:35-10:50)
6. Ride Dumbo (10:52-11:15)
7. Ride JOTLM (11:20-11:40)
8. Ride 7DMT w/ FP+ (11:45-12:15) (window 11:40-12:40) I'm not sure if the 3 yr old will ride this or if we'll have to take 2 separate rounds for everyone else to ride
9. Lunch CHH 12:15-1:15
10. ETwB with FP+ (1:15-1:55) window 1:00-2:00

Try for 4th FP+ IASW
Then back to room for rest or anytime attractions depending on kids moods. Possibly back 5-7 depending on afternoon. Staying at BLT so we're close. Thinking dinner at The Wave but no reservations yet

Day 2 & MVMCP, Thursday, 12/1
10:30 Arrival
1. Ride Jungle Cruise with FP+ (10:45-11:05) window 10:25-11:25
2. Ride Aladdin (11:20-11:35)
3. Ride POTC w/ FP+ (11:50-12:10) window 11:50-12:50
4. Tiki room (12:55-1:20)
5. Ride BTMRR w/FP+ (1:30-2:00) window 1:30-2:30 *will most likely have to do this in 2 groups
6. ADR CRT 2:25

Not sure on plans after our ADR, either fill with rides like philharmagic, haunted mansion with FP+ 4th if available, laugh floor, buzz, etc Or go back to room for naps. Waiting for Josh to attend MVMCP before I finalize plans for the evening.

Thanks for for any input you may have! I'm an avid reader of the forums and website even when not planning a trip. However, I'm generally terrible at timing things even in daily life. My family is used to my schedules not working as planned. Hoping with all my research and with all your expert advice, I can surprise them.


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You might be a couple of minutes behind depending on how quickly you move, but it should be fine overall.


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Looks good, but here are a few thoughts on rider swap and planning to make sure the 3-year-old (and whoever is with him/her) is doing fun stuff, too.

First, the CM may not give you a rider swap pass at Space Mtn if you beeline there at rope drop - if the wait is 5 minutes, they may ask you to wait at the entrance (instead of giving you a swap pass), which is no fun for the 3-year-old who just had to deal with rope drop craziness. So instead, your entire group could plan to do Buzz once first, which will be super-quick with no line, then go to Space and get the RS pass. Let's say everybody rides Space, but you take the 3-yr-old back to ride Buzz again, after grabbing the RS pass at the entrance to Space Mtn. Meet up at the exit to Space Mtn, right outside the gift shop area -- you and the 3-yr-old will still finish a second ride on Buzz before the larger group exits Space. Then you can use your RS for Space Mtn later in the day. That should be very easy if you're at BLT.

Similar strategy for BTMMR - split your group when using FP, get rider swaps, and use them anytime it makes sense later.

If the 3-yr-old can't ride Mine Train, then also get a rider swap for the bigger kids to ride a second time. The non-Mine Train riders can take the 3-yr-old on the Carousel. For BTMMR, the play area under Splash Mountain is good for a few minutes, if it's not too crowded. We did that split last year, and I enjoyed one of the Carousel rides with our 20-month-old as much as any ride all day. He had a huge smile on his face, and there was such a good energy all around us.

You may also want to think about time for the 3-year-old in the Dumbo play area.


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I agree with doing Buzz before Space to save a little bit of walking and increasing chance of rider swap pass.

Be sure to ask for rider switch passes at BTMRR, also, even if everyone who wants to ride has a FP+.


Thanks for the responses! I really like the idea of going to Buzz first so my youngest can start out with a ride and not with waiting around more. The other kids have all been to WDW but this is the 3 yr olds first trip. He's a tall 3 yr old but doesn't love rides so far. However, his only experience with rides is at the Mall of America. Hopefully, he'll surprise me on this trip!


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We will be at MK the same days as you! You mention possibly doing haunted mansion on the 2nd day. I think I had read that it will be open on the 27th but then would be closed the rest of our trip.


Thanks, I completely missed that about Haunted Mansion. I'll be sure to make sure that we fit it in on our first day. We're also going to head over to MK for a couple of hours on our arrival day so maybe I can switch one the the FP that day for haunted mansion. Hope you guys have a wonderful trip!