MK across 3 days - any comments/suggestions (please)...


this site is awesome. i've never visited, but i l
I put all my MK days in one post, in case something can/should be move from 1 day to the next. It's DD8 and myself.

Day 1 (3/4 day, April 9, crowd level 6, most recommended park)
9:00 Space
9:20 Speedway
9:40 Buzz
10:00 Pooh (w/FP+)
10:30 ADR CP
11:50 HM
12:40 7 dwarf (w/FP+)
1:00 Casey Jr / SB Circus or TSI (filler time)
1:40 Splash (w/FP+)
2:00 Pirate Adventure or Sorcerers (filler time)
Leave by 2:30

Day 2 (morning-break-return, April 11, crowd level 6, 2nd recommended)
9:00 7 dwarfs train
9:15 Little Mermaid
9:30 Pooh
9:45 Teacups
10:00 Dumbo
10:15 Goofini
10:30 Train to FrL
10:50 BTMR
11:20 MiSiCi
11:50 Lunch at PVH or CHH
12:40 Splash (w/ FP+)
Leave by 1:00

Return 5:00
5:20 ADR Plaza
6:30 Stitch
6:50 Buzz (w/FP+)
7:20 Pirate Adventures or Sorcerers (filler time)
7:50 Aladdin
8:00 JC (w/ FP+)
8:20 POC
8:30 BTMRR
9:15 Dessert Party
10:00 Wishes
10:30 Space
10:50 Space

Day 3 (departure day afternoon, April 12, crowd level 7, not recommended)
Arrive noon
12:00 POC
12:20 BTMRR (w/FP+)
12:40 Phil
1:00 7 dwarfs (w/FP+)
1:20 Teacups
1:40 CP
2:00 Space (w/FP+)
2:30 Snack at SH
Leave by 3:00

Things that are expendable - an extra ride on Space, Teacups and Buzz
I have activities marked "filler time" (sorcerers, pirate adventures, TSI, etc.). I had blocks of time, but there's no rides with short lines, so noted other things we could do. If we have time, great, if not (because other things need to fit in during that time), that's fine. My mornings seem jam packed, then I have blocks of free time... :RpS_blink:

Oh, and as you can see, I'm betting on mine train being open:RpS_rolleyes:


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Day 1- HM at 11:50 might be tough. CP seating always takes long so you might not really get out of there before 11:50-just 2 of you so maybe...
Might consider Pooh-Space-Speedway- Buzz and use that FPP for HM?

Day 2- BTMRR at 11 probably going to have a decent wait-
MISICI is at 11:15 I believe and if you are way back in FRL not sure you'll get to Main to see it-maybe move MISICI to Day 1 2:45 show then leave?

Day 3-
1:40 CP- assume this is Carousel of Progress?
2:00 Space (w/FP+)

20 min for Pirates at 12 might be a bit optimistic- non rec day CL 7


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Day 1--haven't looked through everything, but I might do:
Space w/FPP (I'd get it for 9:30-10:30)...

ETA: I was thinking the same thing about HM..what about:

Then schedule your FPP for Space and SDMT.


this site is awesome. i've never visited, but i l
Thanks for the input. I like
Pooh-Space-Speedway-Buzz and use that FPP for HM
Originally I was thinking that without a FP+, I could only do Space at RD.
My thinking with MiSiCi was it would take awhile for it to make its way up Main St. We don't want to follow it up Main St, we just want to join it in the hub. I guess we'll just catch whatever part of it we can. I originally had HM there, but then realized it was the only place MiSiCi fit.

Thanks again!


Peanut butter is yummy.
Or do- Pooh-Speedway-Buzz then Space w/FPP- be on Space at by 10 and you are good for CP.

Or actually I like Sarah's suggestion- get as many rides done standby as you can before CP
Buzz-Speedway-Pooh then to HM easily by 10
After CP- Splash FPP 11:45? FPP 11-12 then train to Storybook walk thru to Mine Train 12-1 and Space w/FPP 1-2


this site is awesome. i've never visited, but i l
It seemed like it was out of the way to do HM before CP, but it really does seem to work the best. Thanks Sarah.

Here are the revisions. I'm going in the opposite direction after CP because I like to end with Splash, so we can get soaked. This works, right?

9:00 Buzz
9:20 Speedway
9:40 Pooh
10:00 HM
10:30 ADR CP
11:50 Space (w/FP+)
12:10 Carrousel or Teacups
12:30 7 dwarf (w/FP+)
12:50 Casey Jr, IASW or TSI (filler time)
1:40 Splash (w/FP+)
2:00 Pirate Adventure or Sorcerers (filler time)
Leave by 2:30