MK June 4th


You've had such helpful tips for others posting their touring plans that I wanted to see what feedback you might have for mine. My 60 day window to book fastpasses opens tomorrow so I'll probably book them then just because I'm excited to get on the system and play around with it! I'm mostly not sure if I'm timing my morning right, or if I'm cramming too many things in.

Wednesday June 4th, CL 8, Most recommended park

8:20 ADR Cinderella's RT (I tried for earlier but this was the best I could do)

9:30 Carousel (no way I'm getting my 2 1/2 year old past this without a ride)
9:40 Journey of Little Mermaid
10:05 Barnstormer
10:15 Dumbo
10:30 Pooh
10:45 IASW
11:15 PP with FPP

Leaving park 11:30 - 2:30 for lunch/nap at WL

3:00 Parade in Frontierland
3:20 Magic Carpets
3:40 Jungle Cruise FPP
4:00 Tiki Room or Bears
4:15 Train to Main St

Dinner and return to hotel

Any thoughts on the timing would be greatly appreciated!


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That's a very good plan- very realistic morning. For CRT- arrive by 7:50- check in and you could easily be seated before 8:20.

You have 3 FPP to book- so you might as well book for Aladdin- if what you have listed is all you want this day.
Aladdin will have a wait at that time.

On return to park- you would be better off watching parade on Main, it starts in FRL at 3 and you'll have a difficult time getting way back there and getting a good spot in time.
2:30 Main for Parade
3 Parade
3:30ish JC FPP- book 3-4
4 Aladdin FPP- book 4-5
Then Tiki and/or CBJ

If you are having dinner in park- I'd eat at Pecos or CHH then take train out. Unless you wanted Casey's- there's not much else CS at front of park


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I'm not a big supporter of those breakfasts that cut into park touring, but if you're set on it then you'll just have to work around it. I would do:

Small World

Pooh is the low capacity Fantasyland attraction. It'll have a longer wait at 10:30am than Mermaid would because Mermaid has a much higher capacity.


Awesome, thanks!

Those changes to the afternoon make a lot of sense. I had looked at Josh's best parade viewing spots and that's why I was hoping to make it to Frontier land before 3 but I'll go back to that post and figure out a good spot closer to the park entrance so we're not so rushed. I'm saving that third FP in case we decide to do a baby swap adult ride in the afternoon but if not then I will use it for Aladdin.

I was torn about breakfast vs making RD and ultimately decided it would save us from planning in the M&G lines so its a trade off we decided to make. I did see your post about touring Fantasy land at rope drop and gave it a second and third thought but I think the breakfast is worth it for us. Thanks for all of your help, your information has been invaluable in planning this trip!