MK Plaza Restaurant Breakfast


On a late June Sunday, with an 8:00 ADR, we still managed to be first in line for 9:00 rope drop at Adventureland with no difficulty after our meal.

My daughter and I shared the lobster fried green tomato egg benedict, and the children's waffles.

The egg dish was very good, and we both liked the waffles themselves, but the banana cream they come with was inedible for both of us due to extreme sweetness and artificial taste. We also had a good laugh about the menu description of that kid's meal being served with fruit, as the total she received was literally two strawberry halves and a single blueberry.


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Thanks for the info and warning about the banana cream! I don't like well-loved dole whips because of the artificial taste. We have reservations there for our trip at the end of the year!