MK with little ones

Art Vandelay

that's a shame
For a friend with a 4 and 1 year old. Spring break. MK

Peter Pan
Small World
Pooh (FP 9:15-10:15)
Enchanted Tales (FP 10:15-11:15)

I'm stil waiting to hear what else they want to do, but is this a good start? I think they want to avoid backtracking, which is why I put iasw after PP.


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After traveling with my now 3 year old who didn't like the dark rides- not sure I'd start with PP. If either of them is scared, the other ones may not go so well. But your TP / order of rides make sense.

Mrs Darling

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Peter Pan never scared my kidsbut the Pooh ride did. (Heffelumps & Woozles!!) Even though they loved the movies. And the queue. You could put IASW after enchanted tales with no real backtracking. And add several bathroom breaks. And tell them to carry lots of snacks!


Plan sounds good to me. Not sure about the weather in March, but one tip for the 4-year-old: either (1) bring a towel and maybe flip flops or extra shoes or (2) try to divert the kid's attention away from the Casey Jr Splash N Soak Station over there by Dumbo. Kids love that; depending on how structured the plan is, I would definitely allot some time for Casey Jr. for a 4-year-old.


When I took my 19 month old & 3 1/2 year old, they had already been on quite a few carousels & similar rides, and happily rode anything without a height restriction and did fairly long park days. Other friends had kids who were distressed by rides and overwhelmed by the crowds.

If your friends aren't sure about the rides, I think the gentlest start would be iasw. Doing it first would let them ride a second time without a line. Then Peter Pan FP, then Enchanted Tales FP, then the Carrousel, then Under the Sea FP, then perhaps begin looking for a 4th FP on the way to Dumbo to wait for the pager. The 3 year old will love the Dumbo tent play year and the opportunity to run around. If the 1 year old is closer to 24 months they both might enjoy the area. Then after riding Dumbo the children can enjoy the splash area. If the parents each want to head take turns going out alone to ride a ride on a 4th FP, one might go before Dumbo & the other after Dumbo. Storybook Circus is slightly more contained than other areas in Disney World, with a bathroom nearby, and with Pete's Sideshow if the kids want to try something else. Once the kids leave the splash area (& yes, they will be soaked so a change of clothes would be helpful), they might consider a stop at the People Mover on the way back to the park exit.

My son in his preschool years could have spent a very happy week riding all the forms of transportation. You might consider letting them know that they don't need to use a park ticket to ride the bus / ferry / monorail if they would like to do that the day before their Magic Kingdom morning.
Lots of great suggestions already! I agree on PP. My son was scared on PP (first ride of trip) and consequently wouldn't ride much else.

The queue for dumbo and pooh... my littles could have stayed there for hours! I'd block playtime there for at least 15-20 min.

The favorites, not already mentioned, for my littles were the main street trolley show and Tom Sawyer island.

Completely agree on transportation! The main street vehicles would probably be fun for them too!