MNSSHP when can you enter the park?


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I know the parties start at 7, but I seem to remember reading you can enter at 4. Is that correct?


Yes. You can enter at 4. The park closes at 6 to non-party guests and festivities start at 7.


I've read conflicting reports and it has been many, many years since we had only a party ticket for our day. I have read reports from many that you can book FP from 4-6 on just a party ticket, but have no personal experience. Hopefully, others will chime in who know first hand.


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I think it depends. It's worked for some people and not for others. I recall BeckyW saying it is dependent on how the tickets are prioritized, but I can't recall details.
Arrival Window Start
Meet Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse at Town Square Theater3:00pm
The Haunted Mansion4:00pm
Peter Pan's Flight

Magic Kingdom MNSSHP Date: Friday, September 2, 2016

^One thing TP is good for... I still have records of past trip plans :D

In this case iirc, we decided to drop a ticket day and the hoppers off our 5 day trip to offset the cost of the party ticket. So on this day we only went to the party, arriving at 4pm prompt was crucial to using the 1st FP. I had to be careful to reserve my FPs under the party ticket or else I would have unintentionally used one of the days off my 4day park ticket.

We used the 10 minute grace period to arrive a bit late to that first FP. It was easy to make the Meet Mickey by 4:10 since it's at the front of the park.
There were plenty of CMs there ready to give us the wristbands.

The Peter Pan does look wonky because on a party day the FP windows end at 6pm to prepare for 7pm party arrivals. But that 5:05p is truly the time we locked in... and I think we had less than an hour window in the system (again iirc).

Not sure if they changed FP ability on Party tickets since we did it back in 2016.

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We went in Oct 2017 and did the Party. We booked our room/tix/DDP in one package. On the night we did the party, we did not go to a park in the day (pool day!). When we first booked our FP+, we got them for every day included Party day (very similar to what Heather did above). However, we booked the trip with Destinations Florida (Kelly Barnes of fame.). Anyway right after she booked them (based on the preferences I sent) she came back and said we needed to cancel 3 FP+ attractions (per person) as it was more than the amount of park tickets yada yada yada. She said that while the system would reflect all that was booked, once we used up our "quota", then final 3 attractions on our last park day would be cancelled. These included 7DMT and JC, so there was no way we were going to risk it so we cancelled the FP+ from the party night.

I don't know if tat policy still exists but it seems different scenarios produce different results (example: no issues if you have annual passes, or the party is your only trip to a park, etc). I would just advise to beware. Might be worth calling and speaking to few different CMs to get more comfort.


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I don’t think we’ll try to do FPs. Sounds like it’s not worth the hassle. Thanks for you’re input!