More than one way to skin a Mouse


he's right
From the most recent earnings news a day or two ago:

Revenue from Disney’s Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products unit also came in ahead of expectations, with sales of $6.8 billion growing about 4.6% year-over-year. During a call with investors Tuesday, Disney management said strength in this segment was driven by guest expenditures at domestic theme parks, with per-capita spending up 7% on higher admissions, food and beverage and merchandise spend.
If you read that carefully, you will notice that per-capita spending went up higher in proportion than did total revenue. That means either costs increased faster than guest spending (unlikely, given the rate of increase in the latter) *or* attendance went down. But, fewer more profitable guests are better for business all around.

So, when you hear people complain that Disney is pricing people out, perhaps they are right and it is by design.


he's right
I thought about that, but that segment was always quite a bit smaller to begin with, so I suspect that can't explain all of it.


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I was thinking last year they had more Star Wars merch moving (following The Last Jedi) than they would this year (following Solo). But my timing on those may be off anyway.