Multiple Magic Bands


I am lucky enough to have multiple magic bands . Can I link more than one band for my upcoming trip? Just for fun - if I want to wear one day and another on a different day? I know this sounds so frivolous but it’s giving me something positive to think about at the moment.

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Any band issued to you and shown inked to your account is operable. You can wear whichever one you want at any time.

Mrs Darling

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My daughters & I like to match our bands to our outfits too. Just be aware that bands that are more than a couple of years old may not be picked up for some of the on-ride photos to be linked to your account.


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This made me curious if you could test the battery on old MagicBands. So I downloaded a low energy bluetooth scanner on my phone (BLE Scanner 4.0 is the one I downloaded) and sure enough it picked up the signals. FYI, none of the bands in my office had a name, but were listed as N/A.