MVMCP and 3 Day on Magicband


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Searched topics but didn't see this specific question (it probably is there):

I will be attending the Dec 3rd MVMCP on the night of my arrival. I plan to arrive ~4PM that night to get the most out of the event ticket. My question is, however, about having this event and my 3 day hopper on the same Magicband. What precautions should I take to avoid the system from using my 1st of 3 days that night instead of the MVMCP? Should I unlink the MVMCP from the band and just use the physical ticket?


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There are separate entry tapstyles for party entry and they are supposed to be set to only redeem party tickets from your account. You should be fine.

The magic band does not hold the tickets, it is just a number that links to your profile on MDE. If you link both your day ticket and party ticket to your MDE profile both the magic band and the plastic party ticket card will access all tickets and entitlements linked to your account. The party ticket card will no longer be just a party ticket. If you walked up to the entry at 2 pm and tapped in with that party card at the regular tapstyles it would pull a day from your regular day ticket.

Once linked to your account you cannot unlink the party ticket and that card can't be unlinked from your account (short of guest services messing with it and they probably wouldn't, they would tell you you are fine and nothing to worry about).

IF you haven't already linked your party ticket to your MDE account then you could keep it separate and just tap in at the party with the event ticket card. But then you can't make FP in advance with the party ticket.