MVMCP the week of Thanksgiving 2020

If I am remembering past years correctly, this is the first year that MVMCP is offered during Thanksgiving week (on the Sunday before; I know it's consistently offered the Sunday after). Is that right, and what do you think are the chances they will do that again next year? I'm trying to decide between a Thanksgiving or week before Christmas trip. I would prefer Thanksgiving for hopefully slightly lower crowds and pricing, but my daughter really wants to attend another MVMCP.


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I think if you are early enough before actual Xmas week, you'll be OK crowd wise. This trip will be our 3rd time going two weeks before Xmas and the crowds have never been too insane for us! You may have to do some google searching to see if you can find historic dates of MVMCP. The DIS may have it.
Thanks, that's good to hear about the crowds before Christmas! I was hoping as my daughter starts college, she would get out earlier in December, but it appears she won't be out until the 18th. Not much earlier than high school!