We're headed to WDW from Friday, November 25th - Saturday, December 3rd. Do you think there will be an appreciable difference between party crowds on Thursday, 12/1 vs. Friday, 12/2. I originally thought we would go on Tuesday, but my husband wants to do it at the end of the trip as a last hurrah before heading home. I'm now scrambling to put together an itinerary since I missed my 180 day window yesterday. The date snuck up on me with all of the end of school year activities going on.


I'd think there would be since Friday & Saturday nights it's probably a certainty that there will be lots of locals attending.


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Not that anybody could really guess. I would go with the date that works in your schedule better overall.
I usually book on a Tuesday, but it seems all the parties are super crowded now. With that said, you will have a blast anyway! I'm arriving on 12/2...come say hi to me!