My username on TGM ..........


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Hi friends (old and new)....

A lot of us have been members of TGM at one time or another.

I am unsure of who everyone is from over there because so many of us have changed usernames.
I feel like I'm at a masquerade ball! :RpS_tongue:

So, I thought we could clear up the confusion by posting who we are/were known as over on TGM.

I was MommyMouse



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I didn't change mine, but think this is a great idea, because I have noticed people who I think I know who they are, but am not 100%.


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I am jandeeah at both places is a odd name but it is always avalible:RpS_biggrin:


living life to its fullest
Good point, Gratin! :RpS_biggrin:

I initially thought: oooh... I'll start with a clean slate with a different user name.

Nah. Didn't work. I yam what I yam :RpS_laugh:


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sort of the same name! LOL I'm jillb1961 on TGM (jillyb on the DIS).


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I think I signed up at TGM as angelmum3? Its been 2 years since I was on over there - I never knew if I was going to renew, so I tried not to get to involved in the forums - but loved the community!

do you think we can be banned for belonging here and belonging on the disboards?:RpS_blink: I'm Sandy321 over there - I know you'd think I had an identity crisis or something...:RpS_wub:


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I am "Incredibles" at TGM. I was going to use the same user id here, but when I signed-on there was an active member using the id "incredible". I thought that might be too confusing, so I switched. I think I like my easyWDW name better than my TGM name.


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same name here as TGM. Would maybe like to cahnge my name over here though!


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clanmcculloc on TGM. I couldn't add the h to the end over there due to userid limitation of 12 characters. On the DIS I'm the same as here.


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Im armmh there (Ace,Rhonda,Molly,Mason Hulbert) I guess I left the rest of my family there and am just Rhonda here:RpS_lol:


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I'm George90 there (plain old "George" was already taken), and my avatar and signature are the same on both.


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I am jbraught there. I thought about being the same here, but I was so excited that no one had plain old 'Jenny' yet, I had to take it!