Narcosses and MVMXP Fireworks


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Can anyone please recommend a time to book a reservation for Narcosses?
I will be at MK on a Sunday .. a day of the MVMCP
I wold like to have dinner and watch the fireworks from the deck (I heard you can see decent and the music is piped in on the deck!)
Hopefully that is true.

Just trying to nail down a good time to book the reservation.
I do plan on doing MK all day..
then leaving via monorail to dinner.

7:45-8:15 a good window to shoot for?

Assuming fireworks at 9:30?


We book Narcoossee's each trip and we always watch the fireworks and Electrical Water Pagent from their deck...the view is great albeit somewhat angled. I always try to put the fireworks after dinner but before dessert. I would try and book for 715-730. Many times it takes a little time to be seated. Also I always tell my server my intention to watch the EWP & Fireworks so they can time our meal. Nothing worse than your entree arriving and turning ice cold while you fulfill your desire to go out on the deck for 20 minutes.

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